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Eyeliner Types And How To Choose According To Your Skill Level

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Eyeliner Types

Check out some of the types of eyeliner we have here at Boticário, and select the one that best suits your routine.

Eyeliner Pencil

It is an excellent choice for beginners. The advantages of this type of eyeliner are that it is easy to handle for those who are not very familiar with lines, its durability is excellent, and it can use for both streaks and smudges. The eye pencil can also serve as a sketch to be more confident when applying the liquid eyeliner. Try a product with more resistance, like Make B Water Resistant Gel Pencil. Unlimited Track&Field.

For more precise lines, give preference to retractable eyeliners, as their tip is usually thinner, such as the Make B Retractable Eye Pencil.

Pen Delineating

A favourite not only for those who are starting to train in eyeliner but also for those who already have some practice, the eyeliner pen earns many points for its ergonomics. It supports the hand and leaves the line firmer, with less chance of smudging. The cool thing is that you can make strokes with progressive thickness, from super cat eyeliner or graphic eyeliner to thicker lines.

In addition to the conventional tip of the eyeliner pen, we also have the eyeliner with a bevelled end that facilitates the most challenging part of the kitty, which is the line position pulled towards the eyebrow. The eyeliner pen is the best option of all our suggestions to take on the trip because of its practicality.

Oh, this category also includes products like the Intense Liquid Eyeliner by Manu Gavassi, a super pigmented coloured eyeliner that is excellent for making graphic eyeliners. It usually takes on a fine felt tip with a very anatomical shape, perfect for precise strokes. What differentiates it from the pen eyeliner is the number of times you will need to dip the applicator in the pot to finish your eyeliner since, in pen, this process happens in a simplified way.

Gel Eyeliner

The durability of the gel eyeliner and its incredible pigmentation are one of the points that make this type of eyeliner the perfect choice. In addition, it is very versatile in tracing since it depends on the brush you choose; it can be from a skinny one for precision to a bevelled one for classic traces.

In addition, gel eyeliner is a brilliant choice for mature skin because its pasty texture prevents smudging on skin with a little more sagging. The annoying part is that they can dry over time, but add a drop of makeup thinner, and it will return to the perfect consistency for application.

If you intend to take this type of eyeliner on trips, try versions that already come with the applicator in the package, such as the Intense Gel Eyeliner.

Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner

This eyeliner is for those who are already or want to become an expert. The applicator differs from this version of the pen eyeliner we mentioned above. In this type of eyeliner, the tip is usually not the usual felt tip but a skinny brush with bristles. It’s an excellent choice for that thin and mega precise outline. Because it has softer bristles and is liquid, you need to keep your hand lightly on the line so that the liner stays straight; that’s why it’s at our advanced level, but you need to train, and you can do it.

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