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How To Clean Jute Shoes?

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Learning to clean jute shoes is essential to make them look impeccable and prolong their useful life. This type of espadrilles is timeless due to its versatility and comfort. You can use them whenever you want, but especially during hot weather.

Being a particular garment, jute requires meticulous and manual maintenance. The products and tools necessary for cleaning must be appropriate for a delicate element. Are you interested in knowing extra about it?

Jute: A Trending Material

Jute is a vegetable fibre that provides a good finish and quality in different products. The Food and Agriculture Society of the United Nations defines this jute material as soft. It reaches a distance of up to 4 mt and a diameter of 17 to 20 microns. The main compounds are cellulose and lignin.

Because it is derived from a plant, jute is friendly to the environment. In addition, Informador Tecnico magazine reports that vegetable fibres are another for industrial requests due to their low cost, lightweight and renewable flora.

They also highpoint the superiority of jute as a strengthening of other elements, making it an essential material in the footwear and leather goods industries. Some call it the “golden fibre” and compare it to esparto grass.

One of the many uses is to make soles for sandals and shoes that, with or without heels, allow for soft footsteps while looking fashionable.

Reasons To Choose Jute Shoes

Swedes, sandals or jute shoes are perfect for days of intense heat because they help the skin to breathe correctly:

  • It grows fast.
  • It is a resistant fibre.
  • It is recyclable and fully biodegradable.
  • Being a dry crop, it only needs rainwater.
  • It does not require so many chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.
  • It works as an insulator and retains moisture

Caring For And Cleaning Jute Shoes

In recent years, “gold fibre” soles have become more common, perhaps because of simplicity and elegance, knowing that you can wear these shoes with a light dress or jeans. In any case, it is essential to understand how to clean jute shoes.

The process will divide into two shares. The first is the cleaning of the high fabric. If it is leather, it is appropriate to apply a product for cleaning leather. Using a microfiber cloth, rub gently and without soaking.

With upper canvas fabrics, one tablespoon of mild detergent diluted in 2 glasses of water will recommend. Rub the textile with a cotton cloth, and remove the soap with a second cloth moistened only in water.

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 Shake Off The Dust

Pass a soft bristle brush over the sole or heel, following the same direction so as not to undo the jute braid. A cotton swab also removes accumulated dirt from the fabric. The cloth has to be dry.

Brush Gently With Soap And Water

After taking off the dust, continue with the washing. To do this, use the similar mixture of cleaning canvas or liquid ammonia with water. These formulations are effective because they remove stains on the braid; if you choose ammonia, the proportions are 20% chemical and 80% warm water.

The technique involves dipping a toothbrush and “combing” the espadrille, careful not to loosen the strands.

Prevents The Shoe From Being Impregnated With Moisture

As a material that retains moisture, insert a ball of kitchen paper inside the shoe while you clean it. It will recommend absorbing excesses. When you finish washing, pass a dry and clean cloth, in addition to a final brushing with dry bristles.

Air Dry

If the shoes get wet, put them in the sun so they can return to their original shape. Do not bathe them in chemicals or appeal to artificial drying because you risk damaging them.

Zero Washer

The worst opponent to clean jute shoes is the washing engine. If you wash them in this device, they will come out damaged, and the fibre will decompose. You will surely lose the slippers. The procedure of taking care of them during sanitation is mandatory by hand.


When it happens, the suggestion is to put a teaspoon of baking soda inside the shoe, especially in the front. This substance will work all night, so that you can remove it in the morning with a semi-damp cloth. With this advice, you can optimally clean your shoes and extend their durability.

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