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What Are Natural Nails  And How to Care?

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Natural nails are those without the request for stretching or false nails. They are mainly composed of keratin and require some care to grow healthy and beautiful.

5 Basic Care For Natural Nails

Not using nails as tools: according to the specialist, “this (using nails as tools) is what encourages them to break or flake off”.

Keep your nails with Enamel: this way, they will be “always protected, even if only with a base”.

Moisturize the cuticles: hand cream or specific oil can will use for this body region.

Do not put your nails in your mouth: the manicurist explains that it is important to “avoid putting your nails in your mouth, as saliva can make it weak”.

Do not remove the cuticles: she also recommends “getting out of the habit of removing the cuticles, because, over time, they will thin”.

5 Tips And Care To Let Your Natural Nails Grow

Always use Enamel: the manicurist explains that it is important “always to leave the nail enamelled, so it has a protective film.

Use glitter nail polishes: glitter nail polishes are great for this growth process, as they create a thick film on the nail, preventing breakage, she informs.

Use nourishing wax: it indicates using a healthy wax, horse hoof type, to help strengthen the nail.

Avoid direct contact of the nail with the water: the professional clarifies that it is important to “avoid touching the water with the nail without enamel because the water softens the nail that ends up weakened”.

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5 Tips And Care To Remove False Natural Nails

Safely remove: the removal must be done safely in the case of stretching and false nails.

Use nail polish frequently: “always leave the nail with nail polish after stretching, because it weakens, it gets thinner, and the nail polish helps the nail to grow”, explains the manicurist.

Moisturize your nail and cuticle well: to keep your nails and cuticles healthy.

Use nail strengthener: for the same reason as using nail polish.

Use the 7-layer method: the manicure indicates the 7-layer enamel method, so the protective barrier will be more significant.

Have you already followed any of these precautions? With so many important tips, growing your nails will not be an impossible mission.

Different Natural Nail Shapes

You don’t need to use false nails or extensions to style in different shapes. Instead, check out some perfect options for natural nails.

Square: with a straight finish at the tip of the nails, it will name because it resembles a square. I can make this format in different lengths.

Round: great format for those who have problems with the corners of the nails breaking. It will sand round, leaving the nail without ends in the corners. For manicurist Cristhyeé Benevenuto, “round nails are easier to maintain as they don’t break as much”.

Almond: similar to round, but in a shape that resembles an almond.

Stiletto: in this case, the nail will file in a pointed and triangular shape; it is one of the boldest models.

Ballerina: takes this name because it resembles a ballet shoe, is tapered on the sides and has a straight tip.

Have you identified the best format to keep your natural nails how you like them? In addition, it is important to think about your routine and choose the model that will make you most comfortable. Continue reading for inspiration.

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