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Suffering from Shoe Bite? But These 15 Tips Are For You

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Shoe Bite: Meanwhile, I bought new ballerina flats. Excited to buy new shoes, I went shopping and took them off. They are great for my feet. But after some time, my feet felt uncomfortable. After some time passed, I also felt pain in my ankles and toes. Step by step, the pain is getting worse.

And after a while, I wanted to take off my new shoes and throw them away. You can understand why I felt it. The shoe bit my feet. These are called shoe bite in English. You may also face a similar situation. Well, we can’t throw away the sandals that we like..! That’s why we have some tips to prevent shoe bite and reduce injuries caused by sandals. Know that and get happy feet for yourself.

What is this Scandalising? (What Is Shoe Bite)

Due to friction between the feet, it is difficult to walk when wearing sandals, shoes, ballerina flats, wedges, pumps, it  abrasion usually occurs on the ankles, heels, toes, and soles of the feet. If it is more, there are chances of formation of lumps, corns, rashes and blisters. Sometimes, they get pus, and other secretions also join them.

Why Do Sandals Scratch? (Why Do Sandals Bite)

There are chances of sandals biting the feet mainly due to two reasons.

Not Wearable

Some types of sandals are great to look at. But some of them are not so comfortable to wear. For example, suppose we buy ballerina flats made of pure leather. You can’t even walk a short distance when you wear them if you feel like they are getting close to your fingers. I can’t wear them for long periods. There is a possibility of shoe bite due to these things. Also, if the quality of footwear is not good, they can burn us.

Not Wearing Proper Size

If you wear sandals or shoes that do not fit your feet properly, this problem is likely due to a lack of proper ventilation. According to the website, 90% of women report wearing shoes one size smaller than they should be. In addition, 80% said that the shoes and sandals they wear cause pain. In other words, nine times more women face problems like calluses and crooked fingers than men.

As we age, the size of our feet also increases. But many people don’t realize that their foot size changes over time. Due to this, wearing shoes more petite than the size that should wear can lead to chafing of the feet. This problem is more common in women above 55 years of age.

Does the model of footwear also cause this problem? (Can Model Of Footwear Be A Problem For Shoe Bite)

Yes indeed. Certain types of footwear that we wear can cause discomfort to our feet. Especially pumps, bellies, oxfords, mules etc. scratch our feet. Generally, the weight of our body rests on the feet. That’s why even if they get a slight blow, it causes us a lot of trouble. That’s why the shoe bite we leave behind are small and turn into big wounds. So, what kind of shoes can we wear to avoid this problem? Which sandals can scratch our feet? It is important to know. For that, while buying sandals, you should check whether they fit your feet and are comfortable. That’s why you have to wear them and walk around.

Bite your shoes? These 15 tips are for you. (15 Tips To Reduce Shoe bite)

Can Reduce Injuries Caused By Shoe Bite By Following Some Tips


Menthol, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda in toothpaste are healing agents that reduce wounds. That is why toothpaste should apply to the scars formed on the feet due to sandal wear and washed with warm water after half an hour. Also, use toothpaste before bed and wash it with warm water in the morning to reduce the wound faster.

Petroleum Jelly

People with sensitive skin are often prone to injuries due to sandals. Such people should always keep petroleum jelly with them. After cleaning the feet, should apply petroleum jelly to the shoe bite. After a while, you can walk comfortably without pain if you wear sandals. Also, petroleum jelly on the feet before bed at night gives good results. If you feel any discomfort while walking, apply petroleum jelly immediately.

Shoe Bite – Ice

Shoe Bite - Ice

Ice cubes are always available in the fridge at home. Placing them on the shoe bite will provide relief. Following this tip will reduce itchiness, pain, and inflammation immediately. If you face this problem whenever you go out, you can use ice cubes found in coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. The shop will give them to us if we ask them. So you can always follow this tip and get relief.

Shoe Bite- Honey

Honey can be used for immediate relief from sandal bites. We should use Organic honey for this. Also, don’t go out immediately after collecting honey because dust gets on it and makes the wound worse.

Caused By Shoe Bite – Aloe Vera

Aloe works as a good solution for any skin-related problem. Significantly its medicinal properties reduce infections. Applying aloe vera pulp on the shoe bite will keep it cool and reduce the itching. Try to keep it as long as possible without washing it off immediately. It prevents the wound from forming a taluka scar.

Lemon Juice

The acidic properties of lemon juice act as a natural antiseptic. These reduce itching. Also, the scars caused by sandal wear get reduced. If you want this result. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it to the area. After drying, wash with warm water. Follow this tip twice a day for a week for good results.

Caused By Shoe Bite – Coconut Oil

From dry skin to itching, coconut oil is an excellent solution for any skin problem. In addition, it is a perfect remedy for foot injuries caused by footwear. The pain will decrease if you dip a cotton ball in the oil and apply it to the sandal-bitten area. Also, adding a spoonful of camphor to two spoonfuls of coconut oil will yield results.


Potatoes are rich in antioxidants and antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it’s definitely on the list of things to use for home remedies. It also effectively reduces shoe bite. Cut the potato into thin rounds and gently rub the feet and heels to reduce them. Also, take potato juice, dip a cotton ball in it, and apply it to the sores caused by shoes; it will give good results. To reduce them more quickly, add a little turmeric and peppermint oil to the juice of aloo.


Both turmeric and neem have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. That is why they will give a prominent position in Ayurveda. First, take 5 or 6 nepakas and a spoonful of turmeric and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply this on the sandal bite and wash it off with lukewarm water after half an hour. Following this tip twice a day can prevent foot infections due to blisters and rashes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil moisturizes the skin. You can use olive oil in two ways to reduce shoe bite. First, mixing olive oil with almond oil and massaging it gives instant relief. Second, add olive oil and honey to make a mixture. Then, apply it to the sandal bite and wash it off after half an hour.

Caused By Shoe Bite – Rice

a treat scars caused by sandal abrasion with rice flour. For this, mix rice flour with enough water and make a paste. Apply it to the wound and wash it after it dries completely. By doing this, besides reducing the injury, the pain caused by it will also decrease. It also regenerates the skin there.

What precautions should take to avoid slipping? (Tips To Follow To Avoid Shoe bite)

Care should take while buying sandals to prevent them from melting. First, check whether the footwear is comfortable for you to wear. It would help if you walked around with your feet on what you wanted to buy. If you feel uncomfortable at that time, then it is better not to buy them. Also, some things to be aware of while buying sandals online. Because.. sandals that fit our feet are available in different sizes in different brands. Do this only if you are fully aware of it. Otherwise, it is better to get it from the store.

If you feel that the shoes you are wearing are biting your feet, it is enough to put a band-aid on the inside of the shoe where there is a chance of injury. If you don’t want to stick a band-aid on the shoe, you can put it on your feet. You can also use skin-friendly white tape for this.

Whether your shoes are new.. or ill-fitting.. they are sure to bite your feet. In that case, you should wear slightly thick socks on your feet. These prevent your feet from chafing due to sandals. But unfortunately, it also causes the shoe to become loose.

Choose any one of coconut oil, olive oil, or castor oil and rub it on the inside of new shoes or sandals for three consecutive days to prevent them from getting cold. You should follow this tip before wearing them.

Fill a zip lock bag with water and put it in a sandal or shoe. Then, could you put it in the fridge? As the water freezes, the sandals become loose.

Before wearing the shoe, you should put socks on it. After that, blow dry the socks with a hair dryer until they warm. Overheated pantyhose can cause shoes to loosen. So there is no need to fear that they will bite the feet.

When putting on shoes or sandals, you may feel that your toes or heels are tight in some places. So should white candle wax or crayon wax in such areas. Applying wax inside the sandal prevents the skin of the feet from chafing.

Using a shoe bite protector can prevent foot injuries caused by shoes. It is similar to the shoe sole that we usually use. Thick, soft, transparent. These protect the feet from shoe bite and make the footwear uncomfortable.

Caused By Shoe Bite

Wearing shoes that feel a bit tight can lead to blistered toes. And to prevent that from happening. U should use shape toe protectors.

One last word. Don’t buy sandals because they are beautiful and don’t fit your feet.. or if they are uncomfortable for you. Because there is no need to follow fashion by putting aside your health and comfort. This means that footwear should protect your feet but not cause you discomfort.

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