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Kokedama: what it is, how to do it and how to care

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What is Kokedama?

Kokedama: It is an oriental art that grows plants without pots in small moss arrangements; in general, the technique emerged as an alternative to the famous bonsai and gained fame for its beauty and versatility.

How To Make Kokedama?

To make your kokedama, you will need a plant, topsoil, vermiculite, green moss and finishing thread. You can use any yarn you want; the main ones are nylon threads, cotton threads and strings.

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What Plants Are Ideal For Kokedama?

The choice of the plant will vary according to your taste. For example, some people prefer arrangements with orchids, while others prefer arrangements with succulents, peace lilies, zamiokulkas and even ferns. The truth is that this technique can be used for practically any plant.

However, before taking a chance on the art of kokedamas, check which plant you most identify with to assemble your arrangement and in which environment in your home it will remain.

Each plant has its characteristics and needs nutrients, sunlight and water in specific amounts. Therefore, you must choose and research the plant you will use to assemble your arrangement well.

Orchids are also an excellent plant to assemble your kokedama. However, they are a little more delicate, making assembly difficult. Despite this, the arrangements are beautiful!

How To Care For Your Kokedama



First, it is important to remember that the arrangement needs essential care like any plant, such as adequate watering, fertilization and necessary light for each plant species as a regular pot.

So, spray your plant with a spray bottle, and if necessary, use a base with stones to absorb excess water.

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How To Apply Kokedamas In Decoration?

As you have seen, a variety of plants can compose the arrangements. However, they can also serve the most varied environments, as in the examples below.

  • In your garden in hanging pots.
  • Decorating the coffee table in the living room
  • On stands beside the bed
  • Here, it is essential to observe the needs of the chosen plant, both for water and sunlight.

In The Decoration Of The Table Center

In addition, kokedamas are excellent for purifying the air for your environment, so in addition to bringing freshness to your environment, they can also be a perfect decoration item.

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Different Models Of Kokedamas

There are different ways to use this art, but they are often utilized hanging and vertical, but they can be used almost anywhere in the house.

Have you ever thought about having a mini fruit tree? They can make a lot of difference on your balcony or in your garden, especially if you live in an apartment; this will create a real difference in your decor.

You can also use it in your living room with a metallic structure, giving your environment a more minimalist and sophisticated look.

Kokedamas Are Versatile

One of the main characteristics of kokedama is its versatility. Although some plants require more care for their delicacy, the result will always be a decoration full of life, bringing freshness, joy and much more practicality to your decoration. Using kokedamas in your decoration gives your day-to-day more life and beauty to your environment!

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