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Denim Pieces That Can’t Be Missing In Your Closet

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Denim Pieces: Timeless and super democratic. If there is an item that moves well from the wardrobe of the most classic women to the most fashionistas, always connected to trends, it is a good pair of jeans.

From summer to winter, it looks suitable on just about any occasion. In addition to being extremely versatile and easy to combine, it works as a joker on those days when we don’t want to overthink the production. Jeans are a “must-have” — there is no better definition.

With that in mind, we’ve put together an incredible list of 6 denim pieces that are an excellent bet and that adapt well to different styles. Come and see!

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At the top of our list, the famous denim jeans certainly have their legacy — and we bet you have at least one in your wardrobe! But the best thing is that today there is a universe of different models “coexisting” out there, catering to all tastes and enabling various combinations. So, how about getting to know each of them?


Some say she came back, but we prefer to say she never left. Yes, it’s true that, in recent times, with the variety of options and the preference for more “loose” models on the body, skinny pants ended up giving way to other alternatives — let’s talk about them now! —but never really left the scene.

After all, its versatility is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the piece, which looks great in more casual looks, with a t-shirt and sneakers, for example, for everyday wear, and just as stylish in more casual outfits. Social, accompanied by a third piece, like a good blazer. Worth the bet!

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Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

She disappeared for a few years from the “spotlight”, but when she came back, she came back with everything — and, from what we’ve seen, to stay! With a higher waist, tapered leg shape and broader hips, mom jeans will so name because they are all about the style moms used to wear in the 80s and 90s.

As we said, jeans generally go with everything so that it wouldn’t be different with mom pants, right? The highlight is that, precisely because of its differentiated shape and well-defined waist, the result is always excellent.

You can bet on a more elegant look, combining the pants with a structured white shirt (also extremely versatile), or on a more romantic look, betting on a blouse with puffed sleeves — an excellent option.

And it doesn’t stop there, okay? If your style is more casual, mom jeans are for you too! But, in this case, it is worth opting for a turtleneck blouse in a more neutral shade, forming a perfect match.

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He thought of a practically unanimous denim piece; he thought of straight pants! Believe me: it is so traditional and functional that you can risk saying it is one of the most democratic models.

If you want to bet on a more classic production, it’s worth combining it, for example, with more elaborate options — which add fashion information to the look, you know? — like a shirt with voluminous sleeves and a satiny fabric, a ruffled garment, or a ruffled collar. Creativity gets wings here!

Another great option is to create a more casual look with opportunities you would use daily. How about investing in straight jeans and taking that striped office-style shirt out of the wardrobe, tying the front, leaving the length shorter, and finishing off with white sneakers or a moccasin? Tractor models are super high.


The slouchy pants arrived inspired by tailoring models and quickly won most fashionistas’ hearts. With a higher waist, a more tapered ankle and wrinkles at the waistband, it looks fantastic in funky outfits, going well with crop tops and t-shirts, bringing that style to your everyday basic look.

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