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Women’s Smartwatch: Full Guide To Finding Yours

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The women’s smartwatch composes looks of all styles, from classics to the most modern, with a technological footprint.  It is an indispensable gadget for those who do not want to miss appointments, as it helps organize meetings and social events and practice different physical activities. In addition, it has functions that meet the most diverse female needs, such as controlling the menstrual cycle, ovulation and PMS symptoms.

The design has smooth lines, a delicate shape and very light shades such as pink, nude, gold and white. Next, we will explain better the functions of a women’s smartwatch and which model suits you. Come on? Keep reading.

How Does The Women’s Smartwatch Value The Look?

The women’s smartwatch has a clean and elegant design, which follows the latest fashion trends. Thus, you can assemble a modern look with a more sporty touch and simple make-up.

Many models allow you to change the bracelet, so you can match the smartwatch with the day’s look or the vibe of the place you go.

Options include leather, rubber and textured metal straps.

What Are The Main Styles Of A Women’s Smartwatch?

Created especially for women, the women’s smartwatch has a thin and delicate bracelet that fits perfectly even to the most delicate wrists.

It displays smooth lines and has two shapes: round and rectangular. The ones with rubber straps are more sporty and make up comfy or funky looks. The metallic bracelet helps to create more modern looks with colourful dresses, mommy pants or denim shorts.

Leather strap watches are perfect for those who enjoy more classic looks, as they combine with straight-cut dresses and pantsuits. However, they also look good with more natural eyes and tailored pants.

What Are The Basic Functions Of A Women’s Smartwatch?

You can use your smartwatch to make and receive calls and text messages and even access your email inbox. The device also displays notifications from social networks and your favourite messaging app. You can also access newspapers and magazines. In addition, the device has the following functions:

Smartphone Integration

The women’s smartwatch works seamlessly with the smartphone. It has 4G or 5G, Bluetooth and Wireless connection, making it fast and efficient for listening to music or receiving phone calls.


Do you like everything will write down? Then the women’s smartwatch is for you. This device can consult all scheduled appointments and test or work dates.

You can also access the GPS, consult maps, activate alarms and create reminders.

Health Resources

The women’s smartwatch helps keep your health up to date. Essential for the day-to-day rush. Monitors heart rate, blood pressure, running time and performance in physical activities.

Which Women’s Smartwatches Can You Find At Bigben?

In addition to jewellery, BigBen has several models of women’s smartwatches that will make your day-to-day much simpler and more practical:

Siculus Smartwatch

The Séculos Smart 79003LPSVDA2 has all the features of a smartwatch, such as sleep monitoring, heart rate sensor and calorie counter. In addition, it also features a stopwatch, camera and music control.

In addition, he makes, receives calls and accesses all his social networks. It is compatible with Android and iPhone ( iOS ). It has two strap options, one in leather and the other in steel mesh.

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Michael Kors Women’s Smartwatch

The Michael Kors women’s smartwatch has a touchscreen in yellow gold and stainless steel, with a colour display and stainless steel bracelet. In addition, it has Google Assistant, sound notifications and music playback directly on the device.

Mormaii Life Watch

The Mormaii Life watch is light and customizable. Compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, it is water resistant and monitors different physical activities such as yoga, treadmill, biking and walking, ten on the device and 13 more via the Mormaii Smartwatches app.

The display shows eight customizable dials and different visual changes. Watch pairing is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

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Siculus Smart Gps Watch 79004g0svnv1

This centuries-old smartwatch has an anatomical case and two bracelets, which fit perfectly on the wrist. In addition, it has GPS and is water resistant, so you can track and share your performance.

With this device, you can see all notifications on social networks, messaging apps, calendars and agendas. In addition, the polycarbonate case is very impact resistant.

Mormaii Fit Gps Watch Mob3aa8a

Mormaii Fit GPS is a great sports partner connecting to your smartphone. The blue silicone wristband is ideal for everyday activities and stands out in the gym look.

The black dial with a long press touch button has three display options. The watch displays a step counter, distance travelled and calories. It also monitors heart rate, sleep time and blood pressure.

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Michael Kors Women’s Smartwatch

The Michael Kors SMART Watch tracks heart rate and counts steps and distances covered. In addition, it has GPS and NFS payment technology.

It will power Google’s Wear operating system and works with iPhone and Android phones. It is available in the following colours: Black, Blue, Gold Tone, Pink, and Silver Tone.

Smart Fashion Centuries Watch

It is a feminine and elegant Women’s Smartwatch with a slim profile. There are two options for bracelets, a more casual one made of black silicone and a more fashionable one made of rosé steel mesh.

It has heart rate control, sleep monitor, calorie counter, dehydration alert, stopwatch, anti-loss alert, and multi-sports monitor with running, cycling, climbing and treadmill tracking. The watch also has a calendar and social media message notifications. The battery lasts about six days, 30 on Standby. The Seculus Smart Fashion has ten dials, three analogue and seven digital.

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