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Eyelash Extensions – Advantages, Disadvantages And More

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Eyelash Extensions: Before undergoing this technique, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions. Although eyelash extensions are direct heirs of the false eyelashes that marked fashion a few decades ago, they are a prevalent cosmetic resource that more and more women have incorporated into their concept of makeup or styling.

Advantages Of Eyelash Extensions

Among the advantages of eyelash extensions at an aesthetic level, the following stand out:

  • They add volume and density to sparse or sparse natural lashes.
  • They help eliminate the expression of tiredness on the face.
  • They rejuvenate the look.
  • This technique involves placing synthetic eyelashes on natural eyelashes to increase their thickness and density.

How Are Lash Extensions Will Place?

These synthetic eyelashes can makes of silk or mink hair and are attached to the natural eyelashes, one by one, with a specific tweezer and using a special glue, usually ethyl cyanoacrylate.

There are numerous replicas to select from, and the design is personalized in each case, looking for the type of eyelash that best suits the shape of the eye and facial features in terms of curvature, length and thickness. In addition, they can be placed on the entire eyelid or only on the ends, filling in those areas where the natural eyelashes are scarcer or less populated.

After application, wait a minimum of 48 hours to wet the eyelashes (protecting the area very well when washing your hair or face).

The application of these eyelashes lasts an hour and a half and two hours, during which the clients must keep their eyes closed to prevent the vapours or other substances of the glue from penetrating the eye.

Although it depends on the technique used, false eyelashes last for about a month. Still, the behaviour of natural eyelashes marks their duration: they will renew every 6-8 weeks, which causes synthetic eyelashes to fall out. Alone. That is why it will recommend doing fillers every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain the desired effect.

Tips After The Placement Of Eyelash Extensions

It will not recommend to use mascara because the synthetic ones already provide colour and volume, but you can paint the rest of the eye (shadow, eyeliner).

Always use a tissue (not cotton) and an oil-free, water-based product to remove makeup.

If you wear glasses, keep this in mind when choosing the length of the false eyelashes since contact with the glass can encourage them to fall out sooner. And if you want them to last longer, try to sleep, avoiding rubbing against the pillow.

Likewise, performing another technique before or after the eyelash extension will expect. For example, it is common to do a dye or perm beforehand to curve the natural eyelashes so that the result when placing the acrylics on them is more homogeneous, natural and durable.

In general, it is a treatment that, in principle, does not have to affect eye health. However, it will contradict in the case of some vision problems (in this case, you should consult an ophthalmologist before having an eye exam). Eyelash extension), but it is essential to always go to duly qualified centres with professionals trained in the technique and in which quality, disposable and hypoallergenic materials will use since if these conditions do not meet, the eyelash extension can lead to an eye hazard.

Disadvantages Of Eyelash Extensions

  • Among the side effects that this technique can produce are:
  • Allergic reaction to glue or other materials used.
  • Damage to the eyelid will caus the contact of the tweezers when inserting the eyelash.
  • Infection in the eyelid or cornea.

Avoid Possible Eye Risks From  Extensions

Eyelash Extensions: To avoid these risks, ophthalmology specialists recommend that, in addition to making sure that the establishment is duly qualified, you must check that the materials and ingredients used are safe (information that these centres must provide you with) and, above all, pay attention in hygiene and in the “ways of doing” of professionals. Awareness of possible eye changes and discomfort after an eyelash extension is also essential. For example, if you notice redness, itching, inflammation or pain in the eye after undergoing this technique, the glue or other material may have caused an allergic reaction, so you should go to the centre as soon as possible. Remove them.

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