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How To Avoid Foot Odour? See Five Tips That Can Help You

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Foot Odour: We need to take some daily body care to combat the dreaded effects of sweating, don’t we? After all, nothing is more unpleasant than the foul smell and characteristic odour caused by sweat. With the feet, it couldn’t be different.

Combined with lack of care, excessive perspiration contributes to the appearance and persistence of the famous foot odour, which usually causes uncomfortable and embarrassing situations when taking off your shoes. But, after all, how to avoid foot odour?

Below, we have separated some tips and information to help you clear up your doubts on this subject, keeping your feet healthy, fragrant and away from foul odours. Follow up.

What Causes Foot Odour?

Foot odour is nothing more than a chemical combination between the perspiration and excessive sweat, microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, in addition to the lack of care, including hygienic care. In the sum of these factors, a bad-smelling fermented combo appears, popularly known as foot odour. However, it is worth noting that perspiration is not an enemy here. On the contrary, it is a natural condition of the human organism to cool the body and maintain the ideal temperature.

Thus, the reasons feet may have a peculiar smell are not only associated with perspiration or sweating in the region but also with external factors that potentiate the appearance of odours. Between them:

  • heat
  • moisture
  • the proliferation of microorganisms
  • dirty environments
  • inappropriate shoes
  • lack of hygiene and cleanliness

How To Avoid Foot Odour?

Foot odour can affect anyone and regardless of age. The good broadcast is that you can rapidly eliminate this little problem, which is very natural and shared in our daily lives. For that, follow our five tips. Check out

Prefer Open Shoes

The appearance of nasty foot odour is also often associated with the type of footwear worn daily. Certain materials, such as plastic and synthetic shoes, intensify heat, sweat and humidity conditions, which contribute to the appearance of bacteria and fungi in shoes. As a result, these beings find a favourable environment to develop and lodge. That explains the foul odour.

Therefore, investing in shoes suited to your needs is an excellent measure in combating this condition, as they help your feet stay ventilated and dry. The idea is to prioritize those with some openness and made with natural materials.

Oh, and don’t forget your socks. When choosing this item, preference pieces of natural fabrics, such as cotton, allow your feet to breathe. Also, remember to change them daily.

Constantly Clean Your Shoes

Because they are used daily and are in direct contact with the skin, shoes always need to be clean and dry to keep your feet healthy.

As we said, fungi and bacteria love the dirty, wet and sweaty environment. And, if they will not eliminate, they can worsen the situation, causing more complex problems, such as chilblains, allergies, mycoses, cracks, etc.

Therefore, establish a daily schedule of hygiene care with your shoes and insoles, in addition to taking turns using pairs so that they rest and dry thoroughly.

If there are any restrictions on your shoes for regular cleaning, bet on dry cleaning. This method is highly effective in combating germs and microbes and contributes to tissue preservation.

Clean Your Feet Properly

Clean Your Feet Properly

Microorganisms love dirty environments and surfaces. So, always seek effective foot hygiene to avoid foul odours, especially after prolonged use and when changing shoes.

Establishing a special dedication to this part of the body at bath time can make this moment even more relaxing and light. It would be a kind of foot spa. How about the tip?

To do this, take a neutral or antibacterial soap and make circular movements with it, giving exclusive attention to washing or, if you prefer, exfoliating to remove dead skin between the fingers and under the nails. Exfoliation should do weekly.

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Apply Talcum Powder And Antiperspirants

Using talc and antiperspirant for the feet gained many followers over time. They have become complementary products to routine care and effectively combat foot odour.

Talc appears as a drying agent, absorbing moisture and ending any environment favourable to bad smells. To use it, you can put it directly in contact with your feet, such as on the sole and chest, or spread it over the insole of your shoe, below the sock.

Antiperspirants, in turn, resemble those used in the armpits. As a rule, they are in aerosol format and should spray on the feet in direct or indirect contact. It acts on the sweat glands, inhibiting perspiration in the region. Great allies, do you agree?

Use Specific Products For The Feet

Just like the body, our feet need products specifically formulated to meet their needs and characteristics. Therefore, avoid using products common to other body parts, such as skin creams or usual deodorants.

While these actions may seem harmless to your feet, they make them more sensitive, fragile, and susceptible to problems. After all, they will not receive a proper formulation. In this way, look for products or treatment kits that enhance the effects of foot care, always prioritizing recognized brands in the market.

Our Biosoft Line, for example, has a fantastic product: Lisa Pé Antiodor for foot care. It guarantees vigorous hydration, protection against foul odours and elimination of cracks and roughness. A successful combo, huh?


So now you know how to avoid foot odour. Set aside time to follow the indicated care routine, which includes everything from a schedule of personal hygiene and shoe cleaning to the use of specific products. These simple actions will make the difference in your feet’ health, hydration and pleasant smell.

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