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Blackheads – Clarifies Major Doubts Through Dermatologist

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What Are Blackheads On The Face?

No matter the colour, blackheads often annoy people, who do everything to get rid of these little spots. But do you know the difference between whiteheads and blackheads? No? So, check out the explanation given by the doctor:

Blackheads: when the poles dilate, and the keratin “cork” comes into contact with the air, these substances oxidize. In addition, other impurities, such as pollution, leftover makeup and others, give the blackhead a black appearance.

Whiteheads: this type of blackhead occurs when the skin covers the outlet of the sebaceous gland, forming closed comedones, popularly known as whiteheads.

Hard to find someone free of unwanted blackheads. The tip is always to observe the type that appears on your skin the most and consult a specialist so that you can do the proper and correct treatment.

What Causes Blackheads On The Face?

What Causes Blackheads On The Face

According to the dermatologist, what causes blackheads on the face is “hyperkeratinization of the skin – the increased proliferation of keratinocytes plus decreased scaling – with subsequent follicle obstruction associated with excess sebum production”.

Other factors for the proliferation of blackheads are: incorrect skin hygiene, use of certain cosmetics and certain medications, diseases associated with increased androgenic hormones and even the use of tiaras can contribute.

How To Avoid Blackheads On The Face?


Prevention is always the best way! Daily care helps avoid blackheads on the face, such as washing the skin well and using cosmetics suitable for your skin type. Already other treatments, with peelings, can be done whenever necessary with the consultation of a trusted and certified specialist. Check out the tips given by Priscila Pavezzi to avoid blackheads.

Hygienize the skin with a suitable and gentle cleansing gel.

Use of topical cosmetics that help control oiliness.

  • Top medications for home use improve cell hyperproliferation and skin peeling, such as retinoic acids.
  • Use sunscreen with anti-oil action.
  • Remove makeup properly, especially before bed.
  • Avoid cosmetics that worsen follicular obstruction.
  • Treatments with superficial peelings or laser sporadically.
  • In short, the main tip is to maintain a daily face care routine and always with products suitable for your skin type.

How To Remove Blackheads From The Face?

If you follow all the previous tips, and still the blackheads insist on appearing, then it’s time to make an appointment with a specialist to know the best procedure to remove these comedones. You can opt for a skin cleansing with good products and never (ever!) squeeze at home, ok?

Skin Cleansing

According to Priscila, can extract the blackheads manually or with the help of appropriate instruments by cleaning the skin with a trained professional. “This procedure uses heated steam and emollient substances that favour the momentary opening of the pores and less aggressive extraction of the comedones. Afterwards, he emphasizes that other products are applied to minimize redness and properly hydrate the skin.

Can You Squeeze Blackheads On Your Face?

No! The dermatologist explains that doing this at home can lead to inflammation and infection and evolve into hyperchromic spots and even scars. In addition, he says it is important to differentiate comedones from inflammatory acne lesions, which should not manipulate.

Still, according to the professional, if the comedones will not remove, the obstruction they cause in the exit of the sebaceous gland can lead to the accumulation of secretion and inflammation of the glands, “forming the reddish papules and pustules of inflammatory acne.

That is, under no circumstances squeeze at home. The temptation can be great but believe me, the consequences can be much worse than you imagine.

Myths and truths about blackheads on the face


When it comes to health, many truths and myths permeate matter. Of course, carnations are no exception to the rule. You’ve probably heard that they are pets. But they are not. It and other myths will clarify the doctor; check it out:

Is It True That The Carnation Is An Animal”

  • Myth: Some bacteria, like Propionibacterium acnes, can exploit the situation and inflame the blackheads.
  • Do blackheads only appear on oily skin?
  • Myth: Oil contributes to the appearance of blackheads and pimples, but even dry skin can have blackheads.
  • Does eating chocolate increase blackheads?
  • Truth: Too much chocolate and all foods with a high glycemic index can contribute to comedogenic acne.
  • Does the use of blackhead remover patches solve the problem?
  • Myth: Patches often fail to remove comedones, especially closed one


Fake news has always existed, so it’s good always to be well-informed and seek the word and explanation of trusted experts in the field. After all, health is very important.

With specific care, you can reduce the presence of blackheads on the skin, but always remember to consult a professional in the area. And speaking of skincare, is your skincare up to date? Check out some tips and care in this particular article from Tips.

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