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Hair Cauterization: What Is It, And How To Do It?

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Hair Cauterization:: Do you know what hair cauterization is for? Or why is this procedure perfect for those with damaged, curly hair who need more shine?

We’ll tell you! With the daily damage caused by sun exposure, using heat tools, dyes and straightening, doing an intensive treatment, such as cauterization, to return proteins and restore the strength of the wires is essential!

With that in mind, we’ve gathered everything about this fantastic process in today’s post. So, do you want to understand how hair cauterization can transform the appearance and health of your hair? Check it out right now!

What Is Hair Cauterization?

What Is Hair Cauterization

Hair cauterization is a procedure that seeks to rebuild the wires, ending the dreaded frizz, reducing volume and promoting softness, hydration and shine. In addition, in this treatment, the entire capillary structure is corrected through energetic means – cationic agents – that recover the fibres of the threads.

It will make using nothing more than heat and keratin, a protein that guarantees the structure of the hair. Its result depends a lot on the type, form and response of the hair to the treatment and can lead to maintenance every month or three months.

In a simplified way, capillary cauterization can define as a deep reconstruction, which seals the scales of the wires and smoothes their split ends, eliminating the frizzy aspect of the hair.

What Is Hair Cauterization Used For?

  • More fantastic shine to the hair
  • yarn nutrition
  • Fighting split ends
  • Decreased capillary porosity
  • Combat breakage

Who is Cauterization Indicated for?

If you are wondering which hair cauterization is suitable, know that this procedure can do on any hair.

However, it is worth noting that this treatment is even more suitable if your strands are damaged, bulky or have recently undergone some chemical process, such as straightening and dyeing. It is because this process replaces all the lost keratin from the hair; it strengthens them, preventing hair breakage and hair loss that robust chemical processes can cause.

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How To Do Homemade Hair Cauterization

Although hair cauterization will usually perform in beauty salons, it is possible to complete it at home, as long as we use the right products and know the proper amount of keratin – as this component in excess can make the hair stiffer.

To perform a homemade hair cauterization, you will need:

  • anti-residue shampoo
  • Moisturizing mask
  • liquid keratin
  • Leave-in with thermal protection
  • Dryer
  • Curling iron

Step By Step:

  • Wash your hair with the anti-residue clean and remove any excess water with a towel;
  • Apply your favourite moisturizing mask, massage the hair well and let it act for 5 to 20 minutes;
  • Rinse hair and remove moisture with a towel;
  • Spray the liquid keratin along the entire length of the hair – from root to tip – and let it act for 10 minutes;
  • Apply the leave-in with thermal protection and dry the hair with a dryer
  • Gently Run The Flat Iron Through Your Hair.

Care Needed To Make Cauterization Last Longer

That’s right! Just as cauterization can prolong the results of some straightening chemicals, there are ways to preserve their effects. This is essential for your hair to remain aligned and contributes to a more extended period without chemistry in your wires, avoiding frequent aggressions to them!

For this, it is essential that before cauterization, you have a good hair care routine with a specific schedule for your type of hair. Always use products that restore hair mass, nutrients and water, preferably with light formulas for daily care. After all, this way, you end up recovering your damaged hair not only through capillary cauterization but also daily – replacing your proteins and prolonging the effect of the treatment.

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