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 Stylish Mens Shirts For Different Styles

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Mens Shirts: Comfort and practicality usually go hand in hand with stylish menswear, whether current trends or timeless pieces that never leave the street scene.

However, despite having these elements familiar, menswear outfits do not always have the same mood: it is super possible to move between basic, modern, casual and sophisticated proposals, all without giving up style, regardless of the occasion.

To improve, there’s not much of a secret when it comes to men’s clothing; after all, the combinations tend to be easier than women’s, which helps a lot when choosing the look to face the day, both for work and for enjoying the rest of the weekend or even the holidays.

But, if you still find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, without many ideas of what to wear, or sometimes you feel that your productions don’t convey the picture you would like, precisely because you don’t know how to coordinate the right pieces, the time to get rid of those doubts.

For this, we have separated 20 suggestions for looks in different styles and different day-to-day commitments for you to copy, get inspired and save on your cell phone to use as glue whenever creativity leaves you behind. Shall we check everything? Come with us.

Stylish Men’s Clothing With A T-Shirt

For those who don’t like to overthink or waste time when getting dressed, we have good news: stylish men’s clothes don’t need to be too elaborate, and a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt will solve everything.

Here, the tip is to invest in prints on the top, which can be timeless or more trendy, and bet on a super practical style trick by folding the hem of the pants to finish. On the feet, sneakers and sneakers are equally welcome – choose according to your vibe.

The basic combo of jeans and a t-shirt will also guarantee colder days with long-sleeved pieces. To innovate the look, another great option is to invest in models of stylish men’s pants that are on the rise, as is the case of the wide leg. With this combination and sneakers on your feet, you can’t go wrong: there’s plenty of comfort and practicality.

Men’s Denim Shorts And T-Shirt

Compositions with men’s shorts and a t-shirt are another good bet for those who value practicality, especially in the hot seasons. As with outfits with pants, the top piece can print to give a less noticeable look to the result, but it is still worth opting for a plain basic version, contrasting with the bottom’s dark blue. The sock with the same colours finishes the production with mastery, without any effort.

Mens Shirts – Utility Bermuda

Neutral colours and a more sophisticated touch also play in stylish menswear, even with practical shorts. The mix between an uncomplicated side and a more tidy proposal is suitable for enjoying the weekend and working in the midseason. To close, you can choose between moccasins, shoes and sneakers without fear of making a mistake.

Stylish ripped men’s pants

Do you know that look with ripped pants, a t-shirt and white sneakers, super stripped? Well, it’s infallible by itself, but you can still adapt it to colder climates and leave it with another mood, including an overlay.

You can opt for men’s denim jackets, bombers, or parkas, or do as in this inspiration and bet on the versatility of flannel plaid shirts. The result is warm and comfortable, ready for different occasions.

Jeans And Denim Jacket

Jeans in lighter shades are the best options for those who want to show a remarkable image with a lot of practicality. And to assemble this composition, there’s no secret: choose your favourite t-shirt, match it with trendy pants, like the wide leg, and finish with the men’s trucker jacket that never goes out of style. The combo is urban, versatile and with a 90’s look that we love.

Men’s Blue Chino Pants With A Flannel Shirt

And even without denim in the production, why not mix the shades of blue in a basic look that works super well? As a third piece with the plain white t-shirt and dark blue chinos, the flannel shirt comes in a lighter shade to enhance and warm up the look on mid-season days. It is proof that timeless items and wildcards can create a complete look without any trends and guarantee plenty of style for any commitment.

On the feet, finish off with sneakers if you want to take the proposal a little more tidy, or with good old sneakers if you prefer a more comfortable and casual look wherever you go.

Men’s Chino Pants With A Denim Shirt

Mixing stylish menswear from different proposals in the same composition always works, and here we have another proof. The chino pants duo with a closed men’s denim shirt would look like an office-ready person, but open the top piece and use it as an overlay with a printed t-shirt and the vibe changes completely. With the mix of light colours, the result is soft, ideal for the milder moments of summer.

Stylish Men’s Parka Jacket

In addition to sneakers, boot looks are also great alternatives from the men’s repertoire to face autumn and winter days in style – and they lose absolutely nothing in ease.

In clothing, the more closed tones have everything to do with cold climates. Still, it doesn’t always have to be monochromatic: the white of the t-shirt, the black denim of the pants and the military green parka men’s jacket combines perfectly with each other, with sobriety in measure. Right to use from work to the weekend without changing anything! On the feet, the boot can be black or beige; both work great, so choose according to your preference.

Stylish Men’s Jogger Pants

The shades of green reappear here in the looks with men’s jogger pants, this time with denim black on the jacket as an overlay and a grey t-shirt inside. In place of the boots, the medium-top sneakers also compose the look super well, as well as the detail of the folded hem.


Stylish Men’s Shirt Look

Leaving a little bit of the t-shirt tips, it’s time for shirts to gain space here. And for starters, how about investing in the practical combo with the light, short-sleeved model with a geometric print associated with timeless mega blue jeans?

The combination is balanced, perfect for milder days, from office hours to happy hour with friends at the firm. Finish off with oxford shoes or sneakers for a more social feel, or with sneakers for moments of rest.

Men’s Floral Shirt In A Stylish Look

For those who like a tropical vibe, the tip is to bet on stylish men’s clothing with floral or leaf prints, as is the case with the men’s shirt in this production. For spring and summer occasions, especially during the day, light pants are a great choice and contrast very well with the colour of the top item, while darker models work best for evening appointments. Finish off with a white joker sneaker, and that’s it; the look is complete.

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Casual Look With A Shirt

Anyone who thinks they can’t use that office shirt in the casual male look is wrong: leaving the piece untucked, some buttons open at the top, with the sleeves rolled up and replacing the chino model with blue denim. Medium or light, the result is already much more uncomplicated, without leaving elegance entirely aside. Here, folding the hem of the jeans is welcome again, and it further reinforces the informal idea of ​​the composition.

Chino Pants And A Stylish Flannel Shirt

After the last inspiration, you can already notice that chino modelling is among the main types of more sophisticated men’s pants, right? However, it also gains a casual mood when coordinated with the blue flannel shirt, again loose and with the sleeves rolled up.

Of course, even with sneakers on, this look goes perfectly to work, but it still accompanies you on several other occasions, such as a romantic date or a lunch with friends on Saturday afternoons.

Men’s Jogger Pants With A Shirt

Even the looks with jogger pants come into play when we talk about casual style, with a touch of sophistication guaranteed by the beige colour of the item, as well as the super timeless plaid shirt and the shoes on the feet, which are in the same palette as the rest of the combination. In this combo, versatility is also present. You can use it for the most varied commitments of your day-to-day.

Mens Shirts – Checkered Look

And boots reappear here, following stylish men’s clothing associations with shirts. This time, the checkered piece will accompany dark denim pants and a jacket, which take the production to a more sophisticated and cold side. Once again, the boots could be black, but the beige version does not disappoint.

For the overlay, it is worth choosing between parka jackets for more intense cold climates, windbreakers for milder days, a trucker for a more modern result, or sober models without many details, as in this outfit. You decide with the certainty that everyone will finish the composition with mastery.

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