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What is Best Bactericidal Soap – Function, Uses, And More

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Best Bactericidal Soap: Washing your hands well is a way to ensure that bacteria don’t come into contact with your body. Using water and ordinary soap or the best antibacterial soap is the best way to prevent yourself.

Bactericidal soap, also known as antibacterial or antiseptic, has gained visibility. But, mainly because of the pandemic, many people have already adopted it daily.

However, some discussions have arisen about the need for daily use and its health benefits. For example, did you know that not all the best antibacterial soap is suitable for frequent use?

Next, we will explain every detail about the best antibacterial soaps, and you will know which one is the most suitable for your needs.

What Is The Function Of A Best Bactericidal Soap ?

When we use ordinary soap, the molecules of this product will divide into two parts. The hydrophilic ones bind to water because they have an affinity for it and are soluble. Hydrophobic molecules, on the other hand, connect with oils and fats. The combination causes some molecules to remove fat from the skin and others to wash it away with water.

An effective best antibacterial soap offers much more than just hand cleaning. However, when it comes to viruses and bacteria, the action is a little different. Best antibacterial soap breaks the protective layer (lipid membrane), killing organisms, unlike ordinary soap, which can only neutralize the action of these microorganisms.

Is Using the Best Bactericidal Soap Every Day Bad For You?

Although many brands indicate daily use, you must be aware of some care. By having a more decisive action than ordinary soap, the antibacterial removes, along with the dirt, the microorganisms naturally present in our skin.

Many cheap products, or products of dubious origin, do not have suitable emollients and moisturizers, so they remove the skin’s hydrolipidic mantle. It is a natural protection of our body and, when removed, leaves the skin more exposed if not replaced, as soaps used in hospitals do, for example.

In addition to quality, another issue that must also observe is the amount of hand washing. As a result of a high frequency of washing, there can be an imbalance of this protective layer of the skin, weakening the body’s defence

When And How To Use Best Antibacterial Soap?

Bactericidal, fungicidal soap, for example, was created for specific situations and provided more excellent protection than ordinary soap for everyday use. It will usually indicate for doctors to control skin irritations or infections for a certain period of

In medical clinics, laboratories and hospitals, bactericidal neutral soap is used in large quantities to avoid contamination. For example, the doctor must mandatorily wash hands and arms with this type of soap before entering the operating room.

Another purpose of this product is also for hand asepsis in kitchens and food handling places, as it has no fragrance in its composition.

To obtain the maximum effect of this product, it is necessary to make the correct use. Objects, such as rings, must be removed, and the product must spread over the entire hand and fingers. The washing time is important; the idea is that it stays about 2 minutes in contact with the skin.

Despite the effects of bactericidal liquid soap on the skin, there is no consensus on its use. Some research indicates that it has no additional benefits over regular soap. Others point out that it can be extra health protection.

Difficult To Follow Care

In environments with a high circulation of people, to avoid the risk of lack of the product, it is widespread to use bactericidal liquid soap 5 litres, in gallons, as indicated when you have your soap dispensers with a reservoir.

According to the legislation, in this case, before filling the reservoir, it is necessary to clean it, eliminating possible fungi and bacteria. However, this process often goes unnoticed and accumulates more dirt, posing risks as it contaminates the users’ skin.


To resolve this procedural issue, many companies opt for Proline Hygiene’s paper and soap lending service, as products in vacuum refills do not require this cleaning procedure at the time of refilling. In addition, we provide, free of charge, the most suitable soap dispensers with dosage control to reduce waste.

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