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Mehendi Design Write for us – Contribute and Submit Guest PostMehendi Design Write for us

Mehendi Design Write for us – Mehendi is an Indian tradition of making body art using henna paste. Although mehndi is traditionally done for weddings and festivals, you can create great art any time of the year. First, mix your paste with henna powder, then apply it to cleansed skin to create a stain. Next, study traditional designs like flowers and peacocks, or start making your own. With frequent practice, you can make beautiful works of art at home. To to submit your articles, you can email us at

How to Learn Mehendi Designs at Home?

Start learning with flowers, vines, and other simple designs. Stick to basic shapes without many details. Vines and flowers are among the most accessible forms to draw freehand but feel free to draw different shapes to expand your art. Skip all the internal lines and small details that Mehndi professionals do.

Make Henna Paste

Buy paste in bottles to quickly start creating designs.

The pre-made henna is ready to use when you bring it home. It often comes in bottles or bags with an applicator, so you might not even need to get other supplies. One downside to pre-made pasta is that the quality varies from bottle to bottle. Some pastes even use imitation henna from industrial chemicals that can burn the skin.

The consistency of the noodles will vary depending on the store-bought brand. Also, you can’t tell store-bought pasta how old it is. With age, the paste becomes thicker and more challenging to use.

Mix up Henna Powder if You Want to Make Your Paste.

The basic henna paste consists of henna powder and sugar mixed with water. Some people use lemon juice, tea, or essential oils like eucalyptus tree to make the mixture smell better and feel more comfortable on the skin. With homemade pasta, you know you are always working with a fresh product. So, you can adjust the consistency of the paste to your liking.

Henna powder is available online and in many pharmacies. Look for it in general stores and drugstores.

The right consistency for henna paste is slightly thinner than toothpaste. Add more henna powder to thicken it or melt it to thin it out.

Cover the Pasta and let it sit Overnight if Fresh.

Store the paste in a mixing bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap to trap moisture. Then set the bowl aside in a warm place. Try placing the container on a countertop, on a refrigerator, or under a stove lamp.

The time you need for the paste to harden depends on the type of powder you receive. Read the label to determine the manufacturer’s shelf life.

Be aware that the paste will cure faster in warmer climates. To harden the paste more quickly, avoid placing it in cold areas of your home, like the basement or garage.

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