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How To Buying Rings Full Guide ?

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Buying Rings: Are you planning an elegant wedding and a kick-ass party? Or do you prefer a simple reception, with only your closest friends? It doesn’t matter. All ceremonies have one step in common: the time to buy rings.

The engagement ring is a classic and timeless symbol of a love that will last forever. That’s why choosing the right alliances for the one you love is so important. However, to choose quality jewellery, you need to be careful. It is necessary to analyze the gold content and the origin of the jewellery

To help you in this extraordinary moment, we will give you tips on buying rings. Come on? Follow up.

5 Tips To Follow When Buying Ring

 Analyze The Gold Content

Traditional rings will make 18k gold, a metal alloy of 75% pure gold and 25% metals such as copper, silver and palladium.

As pure gold is very malleable, other metals will add to give the jewellery more strength. In addition, they determine the colour: yellow, white or rosé. It’s worth noting, however, that some metals scratch more quickly than others, so be sure to consider your lifestyle – as well as your budget, of course – before deciding which ring to buy.

14k gold makes jewellery a little reddish over the years. 24k, on the other hand, is very malleable, so it cannot use to manufacture rings, necklaces or bracelets.

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Buying Rings- Check The Provenance

In Brazil, there are two gold markets, the formal and the informal. The first comprises companies accredited by the Central Bank that sell gold of known origin.

The informal market sells jewellery of unknown origin, as anyone can sell or buy gold in these places. It, of course, encourages crime. That is why, in this type of trade, the value of a gram of gold is usually lower than that determined by the official body.

The tip here is simple: when buying rings, buy from companies that have proof of the origin of the gold. But, of course, such a special moment deserves extra care.

Buying Rings- Note The Thickness

A pair of rings have, on average, 7 grams of gold. Minor jewellery has a higher concentration of this metal than smaller ones. This difference, however, does not affect the quality of the jewellery.

It is also possible to find rings with a lower gold concentration, with about 3 grams. As a result, the value is more affordable, but this jewellery is a little less resistant.

Buying Rings- Keep An Eye Out For Rocks

Rings with diamonds illuminate and value the hands and are a favourite of brides. Cutting will be directly linking to the value and beauty of the stones. The more facets, the greater the reflection of light.

There are other stone options for engagement rings, such as emeralds and zirconia.

Buying Rings- Format

When buying jewellery, it is also essential to analyze the format. For example, is the ring straight or rounded? Does it have an anatomical shape? Is the finish matte or polished?

It’s also worth looking at the design. Although there are more modern jewellery and classic ones, the choice depends on the personal taste of the bride and groom. For example, millennials prefer timeless rings. So, in general, they opt for something unique and unexpected. On the other hand, traditional brides looking for a clean and elegant ring that will never go out of style.

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6 Rings That Could Be Yours

Gold And Diamond Rings

What bride wouldn’t love this beautiful jewel with a clean design? The Big Ben gold and diamond ring is perfect for those who love fine jewellery with delicate gemstones.

Half Pearl Rings

The gold and pearl half rings from the BB Elegance collection stirs emotions and adds a touch of lightness to the look. Ideal for classic and modern brides, it can use with pearl necklaces and earrings.

Unique Wedding Rings In Gold And Diamonds

The unique gold and diamond wedding band immortalize the couple’s love and union, making every moment unforgettable. With a striking and differentiated design, it expresses the couple’s personality.

Special Gold Wedding Ring

The unique gold wedding band has two types of finish: smooth and brushed. Symbol of love, affection, commitment and respect, wedding jewellery will surprise and make every moment eternal.

Gold And Diamond Wedding Ring – 5 Mm

This classic Big Ben jewel is light, anatomical and highly resistant. Created to celebrate love and immortalize moments, it reinforces the spatial bond between couples. Gold with diamond, it has a clean and timeless design.

Diamond And Gold Solitaire Ring 15 Points 6 Classic Claws

The diamond solitaire from the BB Sonhos collection is perfect for celebrating eternity, love and friendship between two hearts. Made of 18k gold and diamond, the jewel gives an extra sparkle to lovers’ eyes, making every moment even more perfect.

Diamond And Gold Solitaire Ring 10 Points

This traditional gold and diamond jewellery are European-inspired. Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned a piece like this as a gift to Mary of Burgundy.

Symbol of love and commitment, buying rings like this will make the days of those you love much happier and full of inspiration.

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