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Earth Tones: 8 Tips On How To Use?

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Earth tones are a big trend for 2022. They are making their presence felt on the catwalks; therefore, they are in the spotlight in autumn-winter fashion.

One of the significant characteristics of earth tones is that they are versatile. They look elegant and sophisticated in fashion, as these colours are classic. But they can also be in makeup, accessories and home decor.

You can follow this trend in many ways, so we’ve separated some tips to add earthy tones to your everyday life.

Looks In Earthy Tones

In fashion, you can explore this trend in your look with the composition of a monochromatic look. In this case, it is interesting to use variations of brown, caramel, sand, mustard and beige, for example.

A monochromatic look of earthy tones helps create a more classic look with a touch of sophistication. Yet, at the same time, as it is a trend, this is a modern composition that exudes balance and elegance.

If you prefer to combine with other colours, something more neutral, such as black and off-white, are sure bet. Pastel tones combine very well with earthy ones. Mixing light and dark tones result in more sophisticated compositions.

Bet On A Blazer With An Earthy Tone

The blazer is yet another wildcard piece for you to have in your wardrobe. Now, with the trend of earth tones, it’s worth having a bit that follows them. But, again, this is a classic that goes very well with different colours.

It is possible to use blazers in earthy tones to compose both a casual look and those more sophisticated and elegant. The shades are neutral and varied, from beige to dark brown. That’s why we were able to create colourful bases and contrast with this fashion classic.

It is an excellent alternative for your winter looks because the blazer has versatility, including different accessories. For example, you can have a lighter or heavier piece to wear open or closed, with a belt, scarf, scarf, mix of chains and so on.

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Bags In Earthy Tones

Bags always look up, and that’s why they allow you to add earthy tones to the look, valuing the composition.

It’s worth putting together a look in earthy tones and using a bag with that shade to keep the eye harmonizing. Or, you can use pieces in other colours, such as black or blue, and emphasize the pack with an earthy tone.

The bag in earthy tones can be present in the most casual looks and those elegant and sophisticated. You can choose any model of load, and it is worth betting on leather because it is a material that has everything to do with the trend of the season. In addition, printed and fabric bags help create a more laid-back look.

Other accessories, such as necklaces, watches and earrings, are also allies to complement the look, harmonizing with the bag in earthy tones. Natural materials come with everything in this piece and fit the trend very well.

Don’t forget that can also explore gold in a composition with earthy tones, which brings even greater diversity when choosing. Explore these colours in shoes, wallets, hats, and scarves.

 Makeup In Earthy Tones

Eyeshadow is an essential part of makeup, and you can enhance your look with earthy tones. And you know what the significant advantage is in this case? You can wear makeup like this both daily and on special occasions.

It is worth using the eyeshadow with matte earth tones for work and casual situations to compose a more natural makeup. However, if the event is a club or a party, it can add sparkle. An alternative is to use a matte brown eyeshadow as a base and apply bronze or gold to give a highlight.

How about a particular highlight for your lips with lipstick in earthy tones? There is a great diversity of colours, so it can contrast nicely with darker and lighter skins.

Choosing the ideal shade is worth remembering this tip: dark tones value dark and black skin, and those lipsticks that bring a more orange touch go very well with light skins.

For those who like dark lipstick, you can bet on coffee or chocolate. However, caramel or orange-brown is a good alternative if you prefer a softer shade.

A neat makeup deserves a good finish, right? As the big trend is earth tones, you can opt for a bronze highlighter to compose the makeup of an event at night.

He is one of the darlings because he matches well with all skin tones. It brings that lit and tanned touch, ideal even for winter makeup. Apply to the cupid’s bow, temples and top of the nose.

 Don’t Forget The Earthy Decor Objects

It is unnecessary to make significant environmental changes to add earthy tones to the decor and follow this trend. So even if you prefer to keep the larger structure as is, you can explore earth tones in various objects and decorative items.

Pictures, lamps, plant pots, arrangements, organizers, figurines, blankets and sculptures are some examples of decor items you can find in earthy tones to complement the look. It is worth using decoration pieces in natural materials, such as fibres, leather, wood, straw and wicker, and dehydrated flowers, to create this modern look.

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