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Bent Tips For  Winter Skin Care Routine

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Winter Skin Care Routine:Contrary to what many people think, sanitizing the skin is far from aiming to eliminate all the oil present in it. Quite the opposite. It is necessary to preserve the skin barrier, which is rich in lipids since it is vital to maintain hydration and protect this region against external aggressions and undesirable microorganisms. Therefore, some care is needed so that this step is not too aggressive, only removing impurities and excess fat.

“Water at high temperature dries the skin, so those who can’t take a shower with it from lukewarm to cold need to prioritize short baths of, at most, 10 minutes”, indicates Fernanda. Regarding soaps, the dermatologist advises avoiding those containing detergent in their formulas, as they remove the protective barrier. “Give preference to those that have a greater hydration power, preserving the lipid layer,

Body Hydration In Winter

As soon as you get out of the shower, still, with that steam from the bathroom, it’s the best time to apply the moisturizer because the slightly damp skin helps to absorb the creams better”, recommends Fernanda. This tip is also great for escaping the temperature shock and the urge to immediately put on warm clothes before applying any product.

The dermatologist points out that, at this time of year, the ideal is to use emollient and humectant creams. Formulas containing some oil content – ​​such as sunflower, almond or grape – fall into the first characteristic: they create a protective barrier to prevent water loss. In the second case, we have actives such as ceramides, glycerin and urea, which attract water molecules, enhancing and retaining hydration.

“A good moisturizer is the one you use, so you have to find one that has the texture you like”, Mariana points out. However, for a product to retain all the benefits mentioned above, its consistency is often heavier than many would like. “Nowadays, most creams have a fast absorption technology, but if you don’t mind getting dressed in the sequence to spend the whole day in the same clothes, a good solution is to leave it to perfect hydration before bed”.

Extra attention for those who are predisposed to dermatitis! “The fewer chemical compounds in the formula, the lower the chances of irritating the skin. And it is always best to avoid products with a lot of fragrance”, highlights Fernanda.

Winter Skin Care Routine – Face

Facial skincare also needs to be readjusted for the coldest period of the year. “Your skin can be mega-oily in the summer but get dry in the winter, for example. So, if you keep using the same soap, you can scorch your skin. So, everything needs to will reevaluate”, says Mariana. In terms of cleaning, the guideline is to opt for a milder sanitiser without drying agents such as sulfur and salicylic acid.

Facial moisturizer will vary depending on your skin type. According to Fernanda, the serums are great for the oiliest ones, while the gel-cream texture ones perform better for the driest ones. “Due to less exposure to solar radiation, this is an interesting time to promote product rotation, alternating hydration with some acids”, she suggests. It is also the ideal time to do peelings, lasers and other procedures in offices.

Sunscreen is still essential, as ultraviolet rays are still present, acting on premature ageing and increasing the chances of skin cancer. However, those who use the oil-free versions, which contribute to more excellent dryness, can exchange for one in gel cream if needed. “The person notices when the skin is cracking or peeling, and it is a sign that it is necessary to make adjustments in the care routine”, points out the dermatologist.

If you still notice that your skin gets dry throughout the day, Mariana’s tip is to invest in facial mists with hyaluronic acid and keep them constantly within reach, whether on your desk or in your purse. “Did you feel a little tugging? Just spray a little. It doesn’t smudge the makeup and gives the skin comfort. It’s great, especially for those doing more intense treatment at that time”, she comments.

Lip – Winter Skin Care Routine

A particular point of the face seems to suffer more with the arrival of low temperatures: the lips. They tend to dry out too much, and in an attempt to compensate, many people pass their tongues, irritating the region. “The idea is to apply a product that has greater occlusion power several times a day to retain hydration well, such as Vaseline”, says Fernanda. Suppose sores or cracks appear on the skin of the mouth. In that case, it is best to consult a dermatologist for an evaluation, as fungal or bacterial infections usually cause this.

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