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What is rhinoplasty and considering surgery?

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Rhinoplasty: According to the plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is aesthetic nose surgery and is indicated for people who wish to change some aspect of the region.

Several rhinoplasty techniques can be associated according to the professional’s approach. “The techniques differ according to the access route, type of detachment, resected structures, use or not of grafts and type of assembly”, explains the specialist.

What is the function of rhinoplasty?

Generally, rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic purposes to reduce or increase the size of the nose, change the contour of the back, and thin the nasal tip. But it is also done with other procedures to relieve nasal obstruction and improve breathing. In addition, according to Dr Moura, it “can be associated with surgeries that treat the functional aspects of the nose, such as septoplasty, turbinectomy and adenoidectomy”.

How To Choose The Surgeon For Rhinoplasty

The specialist explains that plastic surgery on the nose should be performed by “doctors who have expertise in this area, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists”. According to her, the “association of the two specialities working together is widespread and very welcome”. In addition, other aspects can be observed to ensure safety and success in the procedure:

  • Confirm that the surgeon is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • The surgery site must be authorized by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency)
  • For patient safety, it is recommended to perform rhinoplasty in hospitals and not in clinics
  • It is essential to have referrals from other patients and doctors you trust
  • Schedule an evaluation appointment to ask questions, and explain your goals, fears and desires.
  • Performing surgery requires care.
  • Therefore, evaluating the professional’s curriculum is essential to ensure qualifications and feel welcomed throughout the surgical process.

The results of rhinoplasty

According to the surgeon, the rhinoplasty result depends on the physical examination and each patient’s expectations. In addition, “the general aspects of the face must be analyzed, such as width and height of the face, ethnic heritage, size of the lips and chin, to make the nose harmonious with the whole face”.

That is, it is not possible to idealize a specific nose shape. The right thing is to analyze with the specialist to find the appropriate proportion and size according to the patient’s facial features. After all, each person is unique, and the nose needs to respect the parts of the face.

How does rhinoplasty work?

The plastic surgeon explains that it is difficult to say how rhinoplasty is performed, as it is very complex and involves several factors. But, it informs in some standard procedures:

  • First, the patient must be anaesthetized or sedated
  • Then, the back, septum, the tip of the nose or wing can be treated according to the patient’s need
  • After that, the incisions are closed
  • The nasal bone plug and stabilizers are placed, if necessary.

The surgical procedure typically takes one to two hours and should be performed with a one-day hospital stay. Next, see how the postoperative period works.

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How is the postoperative period?

According to Dr Moura, “the patient does not usually feel pain in the postoperative period, but the eyes can be quite swollen”. She explains the tampon “is removed in 24 to 48 hours, and the plaster cast is removed in 7 to 10 days”, but it all depends on the need. The stitches on the skin are removed in 7 days if any.

Recovery is gradual, and it is essential to take some precautions, such as avoiding physical exertion in the first 7 days, avoiding sun exposure so as not to harm healing, and sanitizing the place with saline solution or according to medical advice. Furthermore, it is essential to follow the recommendations for a smooth postoperative period and good results in the surgery.

Questions about rhinoplasty

Any surgical procedure requires a lot of attention and care. Thus, it is essential to clarify doubts to feel safer. To help you, the plastic surgeon answered the main questions about rhinoplasty. Follow:

Women’s Tips – How long does the rhinoplasty surgery take?

Dr Tatiana Moura – the duration of the procedure depends on the chosen techniques.

What are the risks of surgery?

It all depends on the technique chosen and the patient’s risks. The risks are nasal obstruction, deviation or asymmetries, overcorrection or undercorrection, infection and bleeding.

Are there contraindications to the procedure?


It should not be performed in patients who have not had their facial growth completed (16 years old in women and 18 in men) and should not be achieved alone in patients with respiratory difficulties

How long does it take to notice the result of rhinoplasty?

The difference is already noticeable from the start. However, the patient notices the result between 6 to 12 months due to swelling.

What is the modification between rhinoplasty and rhinomodelation?

Rhinomodelation is an intervention carried out using fillers and support wires, it is performed in the office, and the effect is temporary.

Before undergoing any surgery, do a lot of research and ask all questions to ensure this is what you want. Then, enjoy and learn more about rhinomodelation, an aesthetic procedure that reshapes the nose without surgery.

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