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What Is Fake Bangs – Advantages, Making, And More

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Fake Bangs: Let’s face it, we love bangs, but that launching to cut them makes us back. It is a reality. And it is that, even though it is somewhat flattering and can change our look completely, we all think of that moment when we are tired; we have to let it grow, a seemingly endless time.

Well, the most practical solution to all this is to bet on a false fringe, a removable fringe, which is not only easy to use and place but we can also totally adapt to our style.

The Advantages of Using Fake Bangs

For all this, we have asked those who know the most about the subject, the experts. Who have a large selection of clip-in bangs which is what they call fake bangs. A great complement to the hairstyle that can  turn into an absolute essential for any dressing table as it sweetens features, frames looks and even rejuvenate.

Thus, we can achieve an instant change of look with a single accessory and that, after all, allows us to wear a fringe cut without commitment; that is, we can take it off and continue with our usual hair.

This way, we do not have to give up our hair to wear thick fake bangs. And it is that, after all, you have to give up part of your hair that provides density and volume to wear a fringe. For this reason, as he tells us, these hair accessories ” allow us to keep the hair intact with the same volume, density and length. In addition, we dispense with the swirls that we usually have on the forehead and avoid opening up when wearing a cut with bangs. So in this case, wearing clip-in bangs doesn’t affect it.”

In addition, another clear advantage of this type of natural hair accessory is that. Unlike natural bangs that require keeping the hair always clean and combed, with these, we not tie to so much commitment.

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How To Adapt The Different Fake Bangs To Our Hair

And going into the matter of how to use them, the first thing they tell us from  is that “the clip-in bangs have more hair than usual and, of course, longer hair. They are designed like this so that it is a concept like a blank canvas so that the stylist can adapt the cut to the features of each person and personalize it by unloading the sides, cutting straight, parading in the center. There are many possibilities! “.

Come on; it is no excuse to say that this cut does not suit you because it can be adapted to us. In fact, among the collection that they have in the brand. We find three types of fake bangs: firstly, the fake crown bangs, and the thickest/covered. It has a round base and is indicated for abundant hair with a lot of hair, for thick hair and if there is no hair in the upper area since it also covers the back area. Ideal both in collected and manes.

Fake Bangs

Then, we could get a triangular fringe with a triangular base (hence the name) that is less dense than the previous one, being indicated for manes with little hair and fine hair. It looks great with updos and long hair.

And finally, the curtain fringe, which will place like a headband, is the most subtle and less thick and is a perfect option to wear with long hair.

They usually have a broad palette of shades to find ours. But if we don’t see it, it will dye in the same salon since it always recommends that a professional do it.

On the other hand, when cutting, you have to be clear about the cut since, as is logical, the hair of a clip-on fringe does not grow. For this reason, our experts recommend us “not to cut too much and play with the length depending on where the clip is closed in the upper area. The closer to the crown, the shorter on the face, the further away, the longer.

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How To Wash And Care For Fake Bangs

According to our consulted experts, even though our removable bangs can lengthen several “sets”, we also have to wash them after several uses.

Thus, they tell us that to wash it; you have to “untangle it dry before washing, preferably with a special brush for extensions or, failing that, without balls. Then, apply a neutral shampoo, washing the hair in the same direction to avoid tangles. Rinse the hair gently from roots to ends without rubbing. Remove moisture with a towel and apply a moisturizing mask; leave for a few minutes. Remove moisture with a towel and blow dry. Once completely dry, place and shape desired with the flat iron. You can use specific oils and products that deeply nourish the hair once it is dry from the middle to the ends”.

Of course, they also recommend thermal protection products from the middle to the end. So much so that, for example.

How to Make Fake Bangs

Step 1. Your hair will freshly wash without any product on it. Carefully brush the hair, starting at the ends. Next, use a texturizer at the roots of the hair. Through this process, the hairstyle will look more voluminous and neat.

Step 2. Separate your hair into two sections.

Step 3. Pull the top unit into a high ponytail. Make sure you tie this highly enough if you have any problems with the little bumps that form on your head after brushing. If you have loose hair problems, spray the entire head with water. Next, create a braid, fix it with elastic and leave some hair at the end of your braid as you will be using it for the bangs.

Step 4. Loosen your ponytail and make a hole under the hair tie to grab the back braid and feed it through the hole. It is how you are going to create your bangs. Then tighten your ponytail.

Step 5. Check the ends to see which parts of the hair you don’t want to remove. Now straighten the bangs. Fix it with some hairspray.

Step 6. Measure how far you want your bangs from your eyes or eyebrows. Next, secure both sides of the ring of hair. When you’re happy with how it looks, connect both sides of the hair loop with bobby pins. And that’s the finished look! I hope you enjoy it.

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