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Discover 6 Tips To Renovate Your Wardrobe Successfully

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Wardrobe: It may be that your closet is complete, but if you still get frustrated every time you leave the house, with that feeling that you have nothing to wear, you may need to re-evaluate if the clothes in your wardrobe match yours. Style or with the current stage of your life.

We know that renovating your wardrobe seems like a complicated and expensive task, but don’t worry; with a bit of planning, the whole process becomes fun and much cheaper than you might think.

To help you in this mission, we prepared this article with six tips to build a functional wardrobe with clothes that communicate your personality, match your lifestyle and how it can make your life easier. Come and see.

The Problems Of An Outdated Wardrobe

Taking a considerable amount of time to find an outfit that fits is one of the main problems, and that’s annoying, but other issues arise when you don’t have a wardrobe with pieces that reflect your style. Self-esteem also ends up being affected because trying on a thousand looks and not feeling good about any of them can make you believe that the problem is in you, which is invalid.

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In addition, an outdated wardrobe can affect your pocketbook, as consumerism increases to end the feeling of “lack of clothes”, mainly due to impulse purchases.

For these reasons, renovating your wardrobe is an important task that involves more than just going out and buying new pieces.

The Reason You Feel Like You Have No Clothes

We often face our closets full and still feel like we don’t have anything to wear; this can happen because styles and trends change, as do our tastes, routines and lifestyle. That’s why we should always analyze what we have in our wardrobe and see how these pieces fit into our daily lives.

In the same way, we must know our true style and not just will carry away by the trends of the moment, which may change tomorrow. That’s why you need to know your style and bet on timeless pieces that are easy to match and suitable for your favourite outings.

Now, check out our complete list of 6 fundamental tips to renew your wardrobe and solve this problem once and for all:

Get To Know Yourself And Your Style

The first step in renovating your wardrobe is getting to know yourself better to understand what you like and value about your appearance. Great self-knowledge tools can help you with this, such as professional style consulting or other free methods, such as having a good time looking at yourself in the mirror and reading fashion blogs like this one.

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Investing in the help of professionals can help you finally identify your style and save yourself a lot of time and money trying to figure it out yourself. Personal colour analysis is also on the rise and is an excellent tool to see the colours that look best on you.

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Notice What Already Exists In Your Wardrobe

Then start looking at the clothes you already have and, most importantly, what you like about them. This stage takes work, but it is possible to make it much more pleasant with a good playlist and the company of friends to give their opinion and help.

See how each piece looks on the body and separate it into three piles: the first will be pieces that you like, look good on you and make sense in your wardrobe; the second will be pieces that you want, but that need certain adjustments before they can use, and the third is pieces that you don’t like, don’t fit or don’t want to keep in your closet.

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Now, try on each of the clothes in the first category, from pieces you will keep in the wardrobe, and carefully analyze what you like about them. Write it all down — the designs that look good on you, your favourite fabrics, colours you value, and more. This list will guide you not to make mistakes when buying new parts.

For the second category, honestly ask yourself if you will make the necessary adjustments so you can wear the outfit. If not, transfer the pieces to the third category and let go.

Detach From Clothes That No Longer Fit

Let go of the pieces that don’t fit your body and the ones that you don’t like or don’t make sense in your life anymore. For example, if you moved from the south to the northeast, you would no longer wear most of your coats.

We know this process will be scary as it momentarily increases the feeling of having nothing to wear, but we see this stage as the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. You will clear out what no longer serves you and make room for new possibilities.

To not feel alone in this, how about encouraging your friends to do the same? For example, you can organize a thrift store and profit from letting go or swapping the pieces between you, making everything more fun and economical.

Also, don’t forget to separate parts of these clothes for donations; if yours are still in good condition, they can still be helpful to other people.

Analyze What Needs To Be Purchased To Renew The Wardrobe

Now that your wardrobe has space and you already know what you like to wear, analyze your needs and the types of outings you want to attend to identify what you need to bring.

Some joker pieces can help you create combinations, ranging from looks for work to the most stripped-down style for ballads. They include the white shirt, the classic little black dress, blazer in neutral colours, jeans, white sneakers and accessories that will upgrade the look and make it more your face.

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