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Which Types Of jeans for women You Need To Know

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Jeans for women: How many types of jeans do you know? You probably already know what skinny pants look like, you’ve heard about mom jeans, or you’ve even used a straight model. However, there are other shapes you need to know.

Some are more trendy now, and others already have a significant legacy on the street, but all the types of jeans we’ll discuss here are equally important! That’s because each one has its mood, it’s best ways to use it, its fit suitable for each body type and, of course, its charm.

All this, not to mention that anyone who loves a good pair of jeans knows how important it is to have some different models in the closet to vary according to the vibe and look you want for the day, right? For this, the best thing is to know several options, so you can choose your favourites and rock the productions with all of them.

So, let’s check together some types of jeans you need to know and, who knows, have in your wardrobe.

Types Of jeans for women

To start, we will see some models of women’s jeans. Of course, you’ve known the skinny model for over a decade, so we’re not going to talk about it here today. At least not for women – no spoilers! But, even without mentioning our darling companion for so many years, we promise to bring equally versatile, timeless and wild pieces, okay? Come with us!

She may even have been missing for a few years, from the late 90s to about seven years ago, but when she came back, she came with everything and to stay! The piece features a high waist, with a wide hip and a shape that tapers into the leg – just like the model that mothers used a few decades ago; that’s why it bears that name. So, now that you know what she looks like and why she will call that, how about checking out some looks with the piece?

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Jeans for women

All types of jeans look great in elemental composition, with a plain black or white blouse, whether tank top, short or long sleeve. So with mom, it wouldn’t be any different. But, thanks to its broader shape and a well-defined waist, it guarantees a much more stylish result.

The look with jeans can also be elegant, even with mom! And to achieve this result, coordinate the piece with a shirt – or almost that! Here, the viscose jacket comes into play, worn inside the pants with the zipper closed and the top buttons open, forming a collar. The outfit is practical and can be complete with strappy sandals and thin heels even to work!

And if you want to convey a more romantic vibe, mom pants are for you too! With it, associated with a ruffled fabric blouse, princess neckline, and puffed sleeves, you hit the spot in romanticism without much effort! To close, it is worth betting on a maxi belt, a charming hairstyle and, on the feet, a heel or flat sandal.

Mom’s jeans With A Turtleneck Blouse

For a casual look that’s great for various everyday occasions, bet on a high-necked blouse in a neutral shade, like dark green, with mom pants in a light wash, a super joker white sneaker and a small crossbody bag. The look is minimalist and very easy to compose, but still full of style and personality.

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Look With Mom jeans

Bright colours can also gain space in looks with mom jeans! The inspiration is with a yellow polka dot cropped blouse, but you can include any colour you want: red, pink, orange, blue and all the shades you can imagine. Use your creativity.

Straight Jeans For Women

Straight Jeans For Women

Straight pants are another classic that has been out of the picture for a while because of the success of skinny jeans. However, we risk saying that it is the most democratic of all! Modelling is an excellent choice of jeans for tall women who want to value their height, for the shorter ones who want to give the feeling of elongated legs and even for those who have wider hips and want to balance their silhouette. It is all, and she does well in practically every situation! Incredible, isn’t it?

Dark Straight Jeans For Women

Because it has a classic shape, it perfectly compensates for more extravagant pieces on the top, such as a satin blouse, with a ruffled collar and voluminous sleeves. The blouse takes centre stage with dark jeans and black accessories, resulting in a total chic and romantic touch.

Straight Jeans With A Shirt Look

The straight pants will accompan an extra dose of femininity, with the short-sleeved maxi collar shirt with ruffles and pink pumps on the feet. For this – and any other products with modelling – you can choose a traditional or stonewash, according to your style.

Straight Jeans With Sneakers

Are you stripped with office-look pieces? Of course, you can! The striped shirt enters the look tied in the front, with straight pants and a pair of white sneakers, leaving the face super cool. Did you see how the pieces can have more than one mood quietly?

Slouchy Jeans For Women

Suppose we talk about the types of women’s pants that are all the rage. In that case, we cannot fail to mention the slouchy, which arrived with pleats at the waist and a very baggy shape, only with a tapered ankle, and has already gained space in the looks of wide pants and the heart of many fashion girls out there. So let’s see how she enters the productions.

White cropped blouse, slouchy pants and white sneakers: ready; you already have your perfect look for a weekend with friends, a date, or even work, depending on the dress code. If you want, it’s worth closing with a black bag to break the white and blue pattern.

Look With Slouchy Jeans For Women

The light laundry ensures a more laid-back feel for all types of jeans. However, the slouchy model brings an extra touch of style with its not-obvious shape. And to complete the descolex vibe, nothing better than a t-shirt – whatever colour you want! – and sneakers, which can be sporty or casual.

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