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Troubleshooting Silver Hair the Easy Way

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Silver hair looks simple but packs a classier punch than other hair colors. It has an elegant touch that contrasts the brighter colors. If you want to create a silver color for your hair, you should start with a neutral-toned color or fully platinum blonde.

Silver is one of the more complicated colors to pull off. It comes from a balance of colors that yield unexpected results when thrown off. Your hair could end up becoming green, blue, or grayish-brown.

But we can always troubleshoot that using oVertone! We have the best color-depositing conditioner to cover gray hair and an array of products that bring out the silvery look.

How to Troubleshoot Silver Hair

Since silver is a balance of many colors. An imbalance of it will give you unexpected results, like hair turning blue, green, or a grayish brown. Take a strand test to see if your hair is the correct starting shade.

Check out this strand test:

How to Troubleshoot Silver Hair

Strand 1:

This strand used vibrant silver over a cool bleach blonde. The resulting color is steely blue due to very pale and cool hair. Starting hair is not warm enough.

Strand 2:

This strand used vibrant silver over medium blonde, resulting in a greenish-tan color. The starting hair color is too warm; hence, it’s a muddy color.

Strand 3:

This is a vibrant silver over a cool bleach blonde. It’s a perfect silver-gray color since the color was applied after the strand was toned.


  • Toning is the key when you apply silver hair color, and the results are not what you expected. If you get a green or tan after application, your starting hair color is too warm.
  • Reapply when the hair is mostly tan. When this happens, your hair hasn’t absorbed enough silver hair color to reflect silver.
  • For hair that’s more green than tan, tone it with pastel red. Apply a little hair coloring conditioner, too.
  • Cancel the blue by toning. Apply and rinse until all the blue is washed up. Reapply the silver hair color.
  • If nothing seems to work, email oVertone’s color consultants a photo of your hair if it turns other colors aside from green, silver, tan, and blue.

Things to Consider:

  • If you tone your hair with a blue or purple shampoo or conditioner, stop doing it with at least two washes before applying vibrant silver.
  • Lightly tone your warm and/or brassy hair first to cancel out some of the warmth. The color you use depends on the brass you have.

Keeping the Silver Touch

The silver locks you have is a product of creativity and hard work. They don’t come easy, and they come with great care. Maintain silver hair for a long time with these tips:

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner made for silver hair to prevent your hair from looking dull and dry.
  • Apply hair masks once a week to add a sprinkle of silvery shine.
  • Rub some hair oil to give extra care to your hair. You can do it after taking a bath or when you’re outside. Focus on the strands and ends. Avoid the roots of your hair from coming into contact with the natural oils.

What to Do Before Dyeing Your Hair Silver

Silver hair is not just for the older ones—it’s also for those who haven’t seen their first gray hair yet! But not everyone is sure about donning this hairstyle. If you’re unsure about going silver, you should first:

  • Seek the help of a hairstylist. They know how to turn your hair into silver with just one look. Hair stylists are equipped with the knowledge of colors and undertones. They might even do a bleaching process and get rid of unwanted tones when necessary. If you do it all alone, you risk damaging your scalp and hair down to the hair follicles.
  • Know your complexion. Take a look in the mirror and see if silver hair suits you. Warm skin tones work best. Neutral skin tones are limited by the shades of silver they can pull off. This piece of advice is applicable to any hair color you want to have as well.
  • Try demi-permanent hair colors. Apply one on your damp hair and see how it looks on you. If it does look good, then it’s time to go silver. Demi-permanent hair colors last longer than semi-permanent hair colors but don’t stand a chance with a permanent color.

Final Thoughts

Silver hair may be quite a challenge to achieve, but it’s as elegant as it can get. Your silver strands need proper troubleshooting when the colors start to fade or you get the wrong color. Always use the right hair care products to give your dyed hair the shiny treatment it deserves

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