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Summer Makeup Looks: 5 Tips On How To Use It In The Season

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Summer Makeup looks: Do you know the best trends for the year’s hottest season? After all, there are only a few days left for the longest days and higher temperatures to arrive, bringing with them the happiness and fun shared at this time.

So you don’t miss the style and shine with the right choice for this season, we’ve separated some makeup tips to always be elegant and beautiful in the right measure. Check out.

5 Foolproof Tips To Get Your Summer Makeup Looks Right:

Social events slowly return with the gradual return of activities and easing of social isolation rules. Soon, the look returns to be the protagonist, adjusting to the fashion news and the season.

Summer Makeup looks and accessories combine striking personalities but with less density and more fluidity. And in the summer of 2022, we will have some news in the fashion world, especially regarding colours. Check it out:

More Natural Skin And A Lot Of Shine

One of the trends for summer 2022, but one that has been on the rise in recent seasons, is the enhancement of natural beauty. Also called fresh/fresh skin, this trend is on the increase for any occasion, even the most elegant and nocturnal events.

For this, bet a lot on hydration and skin care routines :

When you wake up, wash your face and prepare your skin for the treatment.

Apply moisturizer and then apply sunscreen. The amount is the one that completely covers your skin, not forgetting the ears and neck. Tinted sunscreen is an option as it adds a touch of colour, but without smothering the dermis with foundation.

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Finish With The Lightest Makeup.

With the use of less makeup and more care, the skin thanks you and its intrinsic beauty is revealed. Finally, the glow – or lighting – is also part of this moment.

Bet on shimmer finishing mists and highlight the right corners of your makeup – eyes and cheekbones. Just be careful: know your skin’s undertone and choose the glow that will enhance your makeup in the right measure so it doesn’t get too heavy or out of line with your features.

In addition to Summer Makeup looks, complements are essential. Bet on pieces full of style and personality but hidden and that complement all your natural beauty with lightness. Pearls, for example, are timeless jewellery and add elegance to any formal event, however, without losing minimalism.

Discreet And Light Blush

Still, in the more naturalistic trend, blush is highlighted, but more softly and less markedly than in previous fashions. Here the tip is to use the jokers of the season: liquid blushes or lip tints.

In addition to being easier to apply and spread, they are versatile: you can use them as lipstick, lips and even in the eyes. But be careful not to exaggerate the dose: the recommendation is to give light-toned skin, ok?

Marked And Neon Colors

One of the biggest trends for Summer Makeup looks to play with bold colours and neon tones. This fashion has been observed since mid-2020, with the return of very colourful clothes, but for this summer 2022, makeup also joined the wave.

With the footprint of more natural and glowing skin, with little use of foundation and other “plasters”, you can play without fear with the intense colours in the eyes. After all, aren’t the eyes the window to the soul?

To complement the look, we cannot forget the jewellery. Whether in everyday life, or more casual parties, our Colors collection brings original pieces. With lots of colours and different designs, they add all the luxury and wealth to any event or look you choose.

Wild” Eyebrows

I could see that the season’s most significant trend is the highlight and the ode to the most natural beauty possible — which also arrived at the eyebrows with force! But unfortunately, the use marked with henna, micro pigmentation and modelling with shadows is losing strength.

The so-called “wild brows” are winning women’s hearts – or rather, faces –. The intention is to keep them in the most natural and voluminous design, removing only the excesses and filling only the flaws. They give a lot of personality to the person’s style and originality, so there’s no reason not to bet.

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Sixties Style Eyes

In the last two years, we have seen the return of different styles and trends from the 60s, 70s and 80s. And for Summer Makeup looks, a movement from the 60s is observed when choosing a design to rock the look and attract attention. For the eyes.

I am marking the concave with just one line, well-designed and filled eyelashes, and lines imitating feathers. This look is timeless and goes well with summer styles, with lightness and breaking the traditional.

Finally, Let’s Not Forget About Accessories.

For the end of the year parties, going out with friends, a company party or to enjoy a more formal event, jewellery is an essential part of any look. However, the most significant trend of summer 2022 is minimalism and naturalism, so jewellery needs to keep up with this moment.

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