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Shampoo Write for us – The Shampoo is a hair care product, which is usually in the form of a viscous liquid, used to clean the hair. Moreover, Shampoo is rarely available in bar form, for example a bar of soap. However, the shampoo is used by applying it to wet hairs, massaging it into the scalp, and then rinsing it out. So, Some users may use conditioner after shampooing.

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Furthermore, the typical reason for shampooing is to remove unwanted sebum buildup from the hair without stripping it to the point where the hair becomes unmanageable. Shampoo is usually made by combining a surfactant, most commonly sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfates, with a co-surfactants, most commonly cocamidopropyl betaine in the water. However, the sulfates ingredient acts as a surfactant, fundamentally a chewy soap that helps trap oil and grease.

Subsequently, If you haven’t been in the mud, you probably don’t have really dirty hair. However, it may look greasy and dull. Your skin produces sebum, an oily substance, which coats and protects your hair and hair follicle. Sebum wraps around the cuticle, or outer layer of keratin, of each strand of hair, giving it a healthy shine. However, over time, sebum also makes hair dirty.

Indeed, a buildup of this will cause the hair strands to stick together, making them look dull and greasy. Sebum attracts dust, pollen, and other particles that stick to it. Sebum is hydrophobic. It makes your skin and hair waterproof. Hence, You can rinse salt and dander from your skin, but oils and sebum won’t be attacked by water, no matter how much you use.

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