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15 Self-Awareness Questions That Will Help You

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Awareness: asking questions for self-knowledge helps to develop your emotional intelligence, be more resilient, set goals and objectives, and know where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Do you know yourself? The question may even be strange, but knowing who we are and what we want is essential. It also helps to understand our qualities, capabilities, defects, and limitations.

Self-knowledge is looking inside yourself and reflecting on the mission you came to fulfill in this world to make more conscious decisions. And less impulsive about what you want to achieve in life.

By asking questions for self-knowledge, it is possible to obtain answers that define personal and professional choices, face difficulties and frustrations, and conquer victories. In addition, knowing our weaknesses and strengths makes it possible to grow and awaken self-confidence.

Professionally speaking, self-knowledge elevates the individual’s possibility of tracing a successful career. And be a good leader whose main characteristics are common sense, consistency, and empathy. Finally, having self-knowledge is having a direction to keep moving forward.

15 Essential Self-Awareness Questions

Some actions help to seek self-knowledge, as well as improve it. You can, for example, reflect on the central moments of your history, rethinking the main interests, habits, and relationships. You can also observe how your energy and engagement in life have been.

To facilitate this search, here are 15 questions for self-knowledge. Thus, you exercise and strengthen your personal and professional development. Come on?

What Matters Most To Me At This Point In My Life?

Take stock of current times. And realize what your priority is currently. Think about which aspect you should dedicate more. Set guidelines that can be followed to achieve what you want.

What Is My Biggest Concern?

Do you have fears? What ails you? Some examples are our fear of death, loneliness, and unemployment, among other concerns. Sometimes, we create false ghosts that turn the moments of our daily lives into long procrastination, harming our evolution.

What Are My Short And Medium-Term Goals?

This is where your plans for the future come in. What do you need to start working on to achieve your goals? Start rolling out what you have in mind to reap the results soon. Examples: go back to school in a given month so that in X years from now, start an internship in the chosen area. Start a degree in an area of ​​interest.

 What Do I Like To Do?

Seeking inner satisfaction in what we do makes our lives happier and more fulfilled. So think of all the things that give you pleasure. And try to do them as much as possible. For example, you have money left over and want to go to the movies or go on a weekend trip. Don’t miss the chance!


What Do I Like Most, And What Attracts Me Least At Work?

Not everything is part of the professional tasks we like to do. However, we need to do them. Think about all the things you enjoy doing at work and how you can better handle assignments you don’t identify with.

How Will I Feel Five Years From Now Holding The Same Position At Work As I Do Today?

By answering this one of the essential self-knowledge questions, you will be able to say what your level of satisfaction is and what to do to stay in your current position, move horizontally or grow more.

Do I work here and in this position because I enjoy and fulfil myself or to survive and lead a good life?

Here, too, a lot will depend on your answer so that you can determine your future and in what way.

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What Am I Proud To Do?

Think about what you do that makes your mark and that you’re proud to tell people. Example: it could be something geared towards art, a skill that sets you apart from others.

What Is Your Biggest Wish?

Not all desires can be fulfilled because sometimes they are far from reality. But think about them and fight to get as close as possible. Please list the accomplishments you want and try to prioritize them.

How Do You See Yourself? What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Define yourself. Write down everything you think about yourself and ask your friends to do the same. It is an exciting activity that you may be surprised by some features you never imagined that others could notice.

Many of your attributions will also be reinforced with this poll. Always question your weaknesses, review your flaws, and value your virtues, supporting them.

What Is Your Biggest Secret? What Would You Do If Someone Knew?

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a secret, no matter how small. Think of something you keep under lock and key that you would never tell anyone. What would your reaction be if the secret were discovered?

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What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

Advising others is easy. It’s tough to organize our minds and do self-advice. Have you been through this? How about motivating yourself to include physical exercises in your routine?

Have you ever regretted doing something, and if it were today, you wouldn’t do it again? We often deal differently at certain stages of life until, one day, we realize that we could have done it differently. This happens because we mature and learn to deal with a similar situation

Would You Like To Have Some New Adventures? Which One?

We always have something, sometimes, outside the normality curve, that we would like to do despite age limits, for example. We can mention some activities, such as parachuting, climbing a mountain, and driving a tractor, among other ideas.

What Skill Do You Not Have But Would Like To Master?

We often admire skills that other people have and that one day we would also like to learn. So make a list of them so that they appear in your life plan, even if it is for the long term. After all, when we want to grow and transform, the fact of living continues to make sense.

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