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How To Remove Clothes Balls: See 5 Sure Tips To Follow

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They are annoying, very unpleasant and can appear at any time. Yes, we’re talking about them, the terrible clothes balls. Clothes polka dots can appear in both new and older pieces.

The fact is that they have the potential to destroy any look, do you agree? Luckily it is possible to get rid of them quickly and with a few simple tricks.

Come with us to find out how to remove clothes balls and stop suffering from these minor inconveniences.

How And Why Do Laundry Balls Appear?

Understanding how and why bubbles appear is the first step in getting rid of them. One of the main reasons behind the emergence of polka dots is the type of fabric used in the manufacture of clothing.

Fabrics made from synthetic fibres, such as acrylic and polyester, are the ones that form the most polka dots.

It happens due to the length of the wires, which tend to be shorter and irregular, causing them to break more easily, giving rise to polka dots or pilling, as they are also known. Another reason behind the appearance of the balls is the friction suffered by the piece, whether in washing or during use.

The constant friction collaborates to break the fabric fibre, turning it into balls.

How To Remove Clothes Balls: 5 Sure Tips

Razor Blade

A lot of people are afraid of this technique of taking the ball out of clothes, thinking that the razor blade can tear the piece.

In fact, if you don’t use the device correctly, this can end up happening.


The tip, however, is to stretch the fabric well before passing the blade. Then, start by laying out the garment on a flat surface.

Then, pass the blade firmly but delicately in all the points where you can see the polka dots.

One more tip: use a new blade to make the work easier and avoid damage to the piece.

The razor blade method is one of the best for anyone who wants to know how to get a ball out of woollen clothing.

 Pumice Stone

  • Did you know you can use a pumice stone to get a ball out of clothes? So it is! The rough surface of pumice stone is perfect for this.
  • First, stretch the clothes and, with the pumice stone, make circular and uniform movements in the region where the balls are.
  • Don’t rub too much so that the roughness of the stone doesn’t damage the fabric.
  • After a few passes, the balls will start to come off the clothes, and you can remove them with your hands.
  • This technique is also excellent because it eliminates the balls and the hair and lint that stick to the piece.
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Nail File – Clothes Balls

Nail file is another simple and affordable material to eliminate pimples.

The idea is very similar to the previous one; the friction between the rough part of the sandpaper causes the balls to come off.

But it is also essential to ensure the sandpaper does not damage the piece. Try gently passing the sandpaper over the fabric without rubbing it too much.

Avoid this technique to get balls out of woollen clothing, as friction can be even more harmful in this fabric.

Adhesive Tape Or Roll

  • This technique is already well known and works very well. Both the roll and the masking tape fulfil the same role.
  • The glue used on the surface of these materials adheres to the balls, making them quickly come off the fabric.
  • But remember that it is necessary to change the tape according to to use since the glue will no longer offer the same quality of fixation and contact.
  • The tape or roller technique can also remove a ball from black clothing.

Poop Clothes Balls

  • Last but not least is the popsicle popper. A device specially designed to remove polka dots from clothes.
  • Nowadays, it is straightforward to find this device to sell, both in physical stores and online stores.
  • The price is also attractive. A porridge costs between R$38 and R$90, depending on the brand. The investment is worth it.
  • In general, they all work in the same way: a circular blade rotates when the device turns on and when it comes into contact with the balls, they cause them to detach from the fabric and end up in the internal compartment of the device.
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How To Avoid Clothes Balls

Much better than taking the ball out of clothes is to prevent them from appearing. So here are some tips that will help you avoid these intruders. Check out:

Natural Fibers

Fabrics made from natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen and silk are the ones with minor problems with polka dots.

The longer fibres and the closed weave prevent the breakage of the threads and, consequently, the appearance of balls. Contrary to what happens with synthetic fibres.

So when buying a new piece of clothing, check the label. The higher the composition of natural fibres, the better.

Test The Clothes While Still In The Store

This tip may seem strange, but it is possible to know if the clothing will form polka dots by testing it in the store.

And how to do it? Simple! Just rub the fabric between your hands. If the piece is easy to break the threads, the balls will form at the same time.

By joining this tip with the previous one, you will most likely avoid buying problematic parts in the future.

Wash Your Hand Whenever Possible

Hand washing is one of the most suitable to avoid the formation of balls, especially in the most delicate pieces. To do this, soak the clothes in soap and wash them gently using only your hands. Rinse well and spread on the clothesline.

When you can’t wash it by hand, at least use a washing bag to avoid the friction of the piece inside the machine.

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