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Plopping: Learn The Technique To Dry And Define Curls

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Plopping: Curly and frizzy hair has locks that resemble the appearance of “springs”, forming curls that can start from the scalp to the extension of the wires. However, it is not always easy to define this type of hair fibre, which is why there are numerous techniques, such as plopping, to dry and leave the volume of the locks more natural.

With that in mind, this content explains what it is and how plopping helps dry hair, eliminating uneven texture and leaving curls more defined. Then the text shows an incredible step-by-step to apply the technique to the rings, washing the locks, removing excess water, kneading the strands, securing the hair in the shirt before bed, letting the hair down the next day and finishing the process.

What Is The Plopping Technique?

Also known as plunking (meaning the intense sound of a pitch), plopping (the English word for the sound of a drop falling into water) is a very suitable technique for those with curly and frizzy hair, offering an option to define the strands. It is because of tape and texture.

Considered super quick and easy and can be done by the person at home, the method ensures that the curls are modelled for more prolonged, controlling the moisture of the hair after washing. Ah, the result of plopping couldn’t be better: the locks take on a natural movement with less frizz, reducing the curly look of the strands and defining the hair texture.

How Does Plopping Help Dry And Define Curls?

The timing of drying your curly or frizzy hair is critical to achieving a stunning hairstyle. However, the fact is that people with this type of hair fibre cannot dry it with any device or object. Using a bath towel, for example, is not recommended for drying curls, as the material generates friction in the hair and causes frizz.

Therefore, the plopping technique is one of the most suitable for those who don’t have or don’t want to bet on a diffuser and, at the same time, want to control the volume of the curls that are still wet. The reason is that this method, which requires a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt, reduces the curly look of the strands and helps define the curls with the help of cosmetic products.

How To Apply The Hair Plopping Technique?

By now, you already know what plopping is and what it is for. However, the question remains: How to apply this technique when drying the curls? Watch the step-by-step and learn how to make this innovative method for curly and frizzy hair.

Wash And Finish The Wires

To apply the plopping technique to hair, the first step is to remove dirt from the scalp and hair extension. After washing the locks, you should finish with a product designed for your curvature.

Remove Excess Water

The second step is to remove excess water and product from the hair with the help of a microfiber towel or cotton shirt. In this technique, the material of the towel or shirt used to dry the locks is extremely important, as it can damage the curls and contribute to the appearance of frizz. Again, something you want to avoid, isn’t it?

Brush The Hair

With the hair still damp, you should comb the locks as usual. To activate the curls, a tip is to knead the wires a little, preparing them for the next step of the plopping technique.

Tie Your Hair Up In A T-Shirt

Now, you must open the towel or shirt, depending on what you have at home, choosing a flat place to wrap the fabric in the threads. After laying out the towel or shirt on a flat surface, cover the sides of the material in your hair as if you were wrapping a candy bar. The idea is to form a cap on the head, tying the ends of the fabric to the back of the hair.

Sleep With Your Hair Stuck In Your Shirt

You should wait at least 20 minutes for the curls to dry. However, to increase the definition of the threads in the plopping technique, the recommendation is to sleep with the shirt or towel tied to the hair. Therefore, removing excess water and beauty products from the scalp is essential, avoiding fungi and micro-organisms in moulding the locks.

Let Your Hair Down The Other Day

After 20 minutes or a few hours, especially for those who have gone to sleep with their hair tied to a towel or shirt, it’s time to finish the process. In this sense, remove the fabric from the highlights and enjoy the incredible effect of the technique, that is, very defined curls and zero frizz.

Why Use Quality Products For Plopping?

The result of plopping undoubtedly depends on the quality of the products used during the process. Therefore, before purchasing an item, give preference to brands specialized in the manufacture of cosmetics and complete lines for curly and frizzy hair.

Also, before plopping or taping, another option is to combine the two techniques for those who have time. For this, it is necessary to observe the way of use and other recommendations of the manufacturer, placing an amount of the product behind the ear and elbow to test if it does not cause an allergic reaction to your body.

In this article, did you understand what it is and why plopping hair? However, to ensure the effect of defined curls and rock the hairstyle, it is essential to invest in quality products for your hair fibre type and follow the step-by-step correctly, from washing to finishing the process.

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