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Combing Your Hair: Know Which Is The Right Way

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Combing your hair seems simple as it is part of our daily routine. But the lack of attention to some habits – when finishing the highlights – can compromise the health of the wires. With that in mind, we’ve selected six tips for you to rock the finalization and have shinier and healthier-looking strands.

Start Combing From The Bottom Up

If you are habitually combing hair from roots to ends, you must start doing the opposite. To avoid pulling the strands, it is advisable to untangle the ends and length and comb towards the root. But, again, don’t pull your hair, do everything gently so you prevent the strands from breaking.

 Use A Styling Cream Or Spray

Those with curly hair know that some products are essential in the care routine, especially at the time of finalization. On washing or post-wash days, the Curly Hair Intense Shine Combing Cream, by Natura Lumina, is your greatest ally to define curls and enhance the hair’s curvature for longer.

In turn, women with straight strands often suffer from knots and tangled strands. When combing you, they can apply the Natura Lumina Anti-Pollution Combing Spray for Smooth Hair on dry or damp hair.

Combing Hair The Wet Strands

Owners with curly hair should only comb it while it is still wet. After drying, the combing hair action attacks the strands and undoes the curls. Also, the more you handle the locks, the more frizz it creates because it opens up the scales of the strands. So, please take the opportunity to detangle your hair while you’re still in the shower with conditioner or a mask.

Then you can bet on the tape technique to help define the curls. In the process, you apply styling cream and work your hair strand by strand with your fingers in steady motions. If you want more voluminous hair, separate larger sections. For less volume, separate smaller units.

Avoid Combing Frizzy Hair When Dry

In addition to disproportionately increasing volume, this practice can break the wires – as we saw earlier. The idea is to untangle them in the wetting stage or care during washing. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

The tape can transform the curly wires. Invest in authentic products such as Natura Lumina Comb and Fit Cream to achieve the best results. Apply to hair strand by strand. Knead them with smooth movements, from the tips to the root, for better definition.

 Choose The Ideal Accessory

If you have straight hair, you prefer the closest-toothed combs. Racket brushes are also good alternatives. Wavy and voluminous locks call for combs with more spaced teeth. Brushes should also have wider-spaced bristles. In turn, curly and frizzy hair should combine with wide-toothed combs – the same goes for the brush.

But it is not enough to choose the best accessory – some care for the object is also essential. For example, it is necessary to remove the hair strands daily from the brush or comb with the help of the teeth or handles of other combs.

Bet On The Fork Combing hair

The fork combing hair is an accessory that cannot be missing in the routine of those who have curly or curly hair.

Combing Curly Hair: See The Best Tips, Techniques And Tricks

Combing Curly Hair See The Best Tips, Techniques And Tricks

One of the main characteristics of curly hair is the spiral shape of the hair, with tight curves. This factor also explains why this hair fibre has a lower concentration of natural oil on the scalp. Therefore, people should redouble their care with hydration to ensure that the entire length of the locks remains alive and shiny.

With that in mind, this content lists the best tips for styling curly hair. Whether using specific products for this type of hair fibre, untangling the strands from the bottom up, using wide-toothed combs and finishing the hairstyle with some technique.

Choose Curly Hair Products for combing

The list could not begin any other way because to comb curly hair; it is essential to have products made especially for this type of hair fibre. The combing cream, for example, is an exciting option to detangle the strands after bathing.

Styling cream for curly hair has many advantages, such as:

  • untangle the wires without causing friction
  • reduce hair frizz
  • improve hair fibre hydration
  • modelling hair waves and curls
  • and finish the hairstyles
  • Untangle the wires from bottom to top

Indeed, curly hair can quickly form knots, as the natural oil will concentrate at the ends and hardly reaches the scalp. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when starting the process of detangling the strands. To avoid compromising the hair fibre and becoming more susceptible to breakage, the secret is to start combing your hair from the bottom up. Initially, undoing the knots at the ends, then taking the comb along the entire length of the locks.

Use A Wide-Toothed Combing

Another tip that helps comb curly hair without harming hair health is always using a wide-toothed comb. The reason is that this object facilitates the untangling of knots and allows a conservative movement with the threads. Ah, if your hair has a lot of volumes or is very tangled, an easy tip to comb it carefully is to separate the strands into four or more parts, removing the knots from each section until you complete the entire process.

Redouble Hair Care

Finally, to achieve a good definition of curly hair, combining texturing techniques with the appropriate finishers is essential to get the expected result. In this sense, it is worth betting on fitting, a procedure well known by people with curly and frizzy hair. In addition to this option, the twists, braid with two strands, and coquinas make the hairstyle wonderful.

In this content, you’ve discovered how to style curly hair with tips, techniques and tricks that are perfect for those with spiral-shaped strands and tight curves. In any case, give preference to products made to recover your frizzy locks and do the hair schedule regularly to maintain hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

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