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Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Leather Bag

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Luxury brand pieces, mainly Leather bags, have a very high price and are considered an investment. Now imagine that disaster happened: a stain, a drop of some liquid or a small mark appeared on the outside or inside of the piece and panic set in. But do not worry! Even the most careful of women have been through this, and all is not lost.

This guide will talk about cleaning and caring for luxury leather bags. Also, the correct way to act in case of stains or accidents with liquids – the idea here is to make your bag stay beautiful and look brand new, like the day you bought it.

Hydrate The Leather -Leather Bags

One of the most effective tips for conserving and cleaning your leather bags are moisturising the leather. In an article from Vogue Brasil magazine, the Nivea brand moisturizing cream will indicate the canned version for this activity. Use a small amount and spread the product evenly until smooth. You can also use almond oil on gauze.

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Clean Regularly -Leather Bags

Cleaning the bag regularly is key to prolonging its life and finding minor wear and tear or stains that may have happened accidentally. Ideally, you should inspect your bag at least once a week for minor damage and clean it only once a month, as over-cleaning can weaken the leather and lead to a break.

Use A Wet Wipe

Another way to clean a leather item is to use a wet wipe (no alcohol, chlorine, perfume and neutral pH) to remove dirt from the bag gently but without rubbing! It is also not recommended to use a wet towel for this cleaning. And also search Men’s Wallet Brands

Cleaning In Case Of Stains

In the case of recent stains, the first attempt is to clean them with moistened tissue (no alcohol, chlorine, perfume and neutral pH). Gently clean and see if the colour improves. If so, repeat the procedure until the stain will altogether remove.

Another technique recommended by those who own a Chanel or Hermes model is to use a little hairspray on a piece of soft cotton. But, before using this method, we advise you to test in a less visible part of the bag to verify that there is no unexpected reaction to the material.

Next, spray a little hairspray on a piece of cotton and gently dab it over the stain. If none of these methods removes the colour the way you want, you will need to take the bag to a professional for special treatment.

Cleaning In Case Of Liquid Damage

Unfortunately, there is no home remedy for watermarks and other liquids. However, as soon as you notice the presence of these marks, remove excess liquid immediately using a clean, dry sponge/towel. Allow the leather to dry naturally at room temperature – do not place the bag near heaters, as the heat will damage the leather further. If the stain remains, you should see a professional for special leather treatment.

These are just a few tips for washing and maintaining your leather bags! But remember, if you feel insecure about cleaning at home, always seek a specialized professional.


  • After cleaning and moisturizing, the leather bags needs to be appropriately maintained. To do this, find a place to store it when you’re not using it.
  • Do not use hangers or hooks. Over time, the leather bags can become deformed. So don’t hang it up.
  • Prefer to store your bag inside niches or shelves, and also remember to put paper balls inside the bag, so it doesn’t lose shape.
  • Another critical care is to polish the leather bags periodically to avoid stains. Do this by using leather moisturizer, almond oil, or furniture polish.
  • If you don’t use the leather bags often, store it in a pillowcase or TNT bag, but don’t use plastic bags.
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