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Furthermore, because our lips do not have a melanin (the compounds that protects the skin from the sun), our lips are more liable to the sun. Fortunately, today many lipsticks have a sun shield factor of 15 or more and protects our lips from uncomfortable sunburn. So, there are many lipsticks: glossy, creamy, matte, decorated, moisturizing, and even in different scents.

What is Lipstick?

Everyone recognizes perfectly a lipstick when it is in front of it, and it is obvious. So, it is convenient to investigate a little deeper and learn more about other aspects related to this product. Which has a revolving base that is used to extract or retract the lip product itself during use or storage.

Furthermore, the composition of a lipstick will vary depending on the type of product that has been chosen, but in general all of them have among their main products waxes, oils and colorings pigments, which will vary depending on the color offered by the product.

Curiously, some of these coloring pigments are of animal origin, more precisely from insects, since the carmine tones are obtained from mealybugs that inhabit cacti. Another dye used is eosin, a powder resulting from the actions of the mineral bromine on an elements called fluorescein, which gives it an intense pink color.

Essential Components of Lipstick

Lips are an essential component of sensuality, and the invention of lipstick has allowed for a variety of effects and color combinations (depending on the technique used)

However, the functions of the waxes is to give constancy to the product bars, and they are of animal or vegetables origin. Moreover, since some of the most used are beeswax’s; lanolin’s, obtained from the productions of glands possessed by animals, such as goats or sheep’s; or the carnauba wax palm, a palm species is typical of Southern America.

So, the oils have the missions of giving softness and a shiny effect to the products. The most common are jojoba or castor oils, both of which are vegetable, although petroleum-derived oils are also used.

Therefore, until now we knew the basic components of a lipsticks. But each manufacturer adds other types of the components to these to differentiate their products and achieve different characteristics, such as sunscreens or fragrances.

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