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Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures, Which Ones Should I Have?

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kitchen utensils name list with pictures: Just walk into a housewares store to find a multitude of kitchen items– cutters, molds for cakes and pies, spatulas, and skimmers. she is getting forgotten in the back of the drawer.

To help you select the most essential for your daily life in the kitchen, we have made a list of kitchen utensils with the essential items.

Centrifuge for leaves

It is equipment that leaves the salad leaves dry – necessary not to let the leaves wither in the fridge.


Serves to sharpen your kitchen knives. The right way to use it is by supporting the edge of the sharpener on a meat board, passing the knife as if you were going to cut a slice from top to bottom. Five passes on each side are enough to keep the knife’s cutting edge.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures – Spoons

Spoons will use to stir the food in the pan and serve. Have stainless steel spoons for serving rice and basting roasts and utensils made of ethylene for handling pans with non-stick bottoms, as this material does not spoil them.


They are used to serve soups and broths. Have it in several different sizes – the smallest serves sauces and creams.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  – Vegetable Peeler

It is one of the tools you will use the most in the kitchen, as it is much more practical to peel vegetables than a knife, in addition to wasting less.


The utensil will drain fried foods prepared in immersion, such as snacks and pastries, and remove food cooked in water from the pan.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures – Knives

The chef’s knife is the largest and most versatile and can be cut from vegetables to meats. Serrated knives are suitable for cutting bread, tomatoes and cakes. The filleting knife is also a great ally when cutting very thin fillets without using the meat hammer. The smallest vegetable knife will use for minor cuts of fruits and vegetables. Use the sharpener always to keep them sharp.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures Fouet

It is the manual whisk, essential in the kitchen – even if you have a mixer and a mixer. Preparations that need a homogeneous texture, such as creams and sauces, are best stirred with the fouet instead of the spoon. The utensil is also suitable for whipping egg whites and whipped cream.

Roast fork

It is essential for turning large pieces of meat in the roasting pan and for serving roasts.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  – Bowls

Another item that cannot be missing is the kitchen bowls, which mix ingredients and even store ready meals in the fridge. But, again, have it in different sizes, and give preference to glass or stainless steel ones, which last longer and do not release any substance in food.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  – Meters

Culinary meters are handy and often replace the kitchen scale for measuring ingredients. They will easily find it in any supermarket.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  – Silicone crusty bread

The spatula is excellent for scraping pots and bowls, avoiding waste. It is also suitable for stirring preparations.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  -Sieves

These are important for sieving and straining broths and bottoms and fine-tuning flour and sugar for confectionery. The chinois is the most sophisticated type of sieve, which resembles a cone, and is excellent for sweet sauces and other preparations, as the sieve mesh is lovely, not letting any residue pass through.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  -Pestle

It is one of the oldest culinary utensils in the world, very present in African and Indian cultures. I will use it for grinding spices and grains – try making a garlic paste with parsley, marjoram and fleur de sel to sauté rice! The best ones are stone or porcelain, which do not absorb odours.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  -Boards

It is essential to have a board just for cutting meats, another for bread and cheeses, and another for fruits and vegetables. Ethylene boards are better than wooden boards as they do not create mould.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  -metals


It will grate and slice foods such as cheeses, nuts and firm fruits such as coconut. In addition, the graters with slicing blades can use to make vegetable sticks and potato chips.

Kitchen Utensils   -Cookware

An essential item in a kitchen, they come in different sizes and shapes. See here the types of pans that exist and what each one does.

Kitchen Utensils -Pasta Drainer

It will use to drain pasta and grains, which is essential for anyone who likes pasta. In addition, spaghetti dishes have a perforated lid, which serves as a drying rack.

Kitchen Utensils – Baking pans

They are essential for baking cakes, pies and meats. In addition to using an oven and stove, they can be used as a container to serve large amounts of food when you have more guests at home.

Kitchen Utensils – Mixer

It is an appliance that makes life in the kitchen much more accessible when making mixtures for cakes, pies and ,bread, beating creams and ,even sauces.

Kitchen Utensils  -Microwave

The oven heats and cooks food in much less time than a conventional oven and can use in various preparations, such as rice, cakes and ,soups. For example, see here the Consul microwaves.

Kitchen Utensils  – Mixer

It is an efficient and helpful tool when preparing juices, cocktails, soups, sauces, creams, purees, mayonnaise, pâtés, omeleomeletsnogs, mousses, and milkshakes, among others – and often replaces the fouet, the mixer, the blender and potato masher. When cleaning, wash the propeller part under running water.

Kitchen Utensils Name List With Pictures  – Blender

The appliance is a wild card in the kitchen – it serves to prepare from juices and vitamins to cakes and pasta.


Now that you have a list of kitchen utensils ready, what do you think about preparing this delicious pasta with the vegetable recipe? It’s easy; we’ve made it easy for you.

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