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Where Did The June Party Dress Come From?

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Clothing for the June festival originated in Brazil in the mid-19th century. XVII. Its origin was European, inspired by Portuguese aristocrats. With time and the greater use of the pieces in national media, some changes began to be made, influenced by the Catholic religion. Over time, elements that belong to Brazilian culture will also add.

One thing is sure: the Festa Junina is a traditional celebration in Brazil. In addition to the looks, the festival has typical foods, characterization, games, and gangs. All this makes for a lively party full of personality, being one of the most awaited times of the year, especially after a period without this celebration due to social isolation.

How To Put Together A Look For A Very Stylish June Party?

To make the best use of this long-awaited season, knowing how to put together stylish looks for the June party is what many want. But, unfortunately, this prevents the party time from arriving, and the question arises: what to wear now?

Choosing the perfect look can be planned! Check out our tips for visual makeup that best matches your personality.

Looks With Checkered Clothes For The June Party

Chess pieces are trendy. They are the most common and traditional among the looks for São Joao. You can use them in different ways in different combinations. Have you ever thought about wearing the long-sleeved plaid shirt that you already use in everyday life, however, in another way?

An all-black look with the shirt tied around the waist is an excellent proposal! Make the look stylish with a mix of the two styles. It is also possible to wear this shirt dress, tying it in front of the body, as if it were a crop top; this gives a modern look to the look for a June party

Une Party Looks With Boot

June festival: Regardless of the look, investing in boots is a way to complete the visual composition in the best way! That’s because it’s a shoe that makes the eyes more elegant and sophisticated. In addition, they can combine with different types of prints and styles, from plaid to florals and denim overalls.

In addition, they can be of different tones, from the most neutral to the most chromatic, in other models, such as the most social boots. So, so soon, already separate your favourite boot for the celebration! And, if you still don’t have the ideal piece, get the one that suits you best, as it is durable and can use several times a year.

Festa Junina Looks With A Denim Jacket And Shirt

Combining the denim jacket with the shirt is a good and easy way to choose the look. It’s a stylish and modern combination. This look, used many times in everyday life, is also perfect for this celebration. It is a very characteristic look of the June party. It is an outstanding option for those who love this party and want a perfect and stripped look for the celebration.

Country Clothes For Festa Junina

June festival: Want a more innovative look for the June party? Bet on country style! It can do with big buckled belts, leather jackets, one of the timeless fashion pieces, or an oversized brown coat overlaying the plaid shirt. The boot to close the western style with a gold key can’t be missing from this look. Brownish tones are welcome in this visual composition.

Skirt With A Plaid Shirt For A June Party Look

This composition promises a modern and feminine look. Using the skirt as a vital part of the look is an option that combines very well with the plaid shirt, which can be worn open, closed and even tied at the waist.

It presents different possibilities of adaptations, and you can work the silhouette of the look satisfactorily. In addition, the plaid shirt can be oversized, showing only the skirt’s hem, creating a modern and exciting look.

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