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Household Waste: Make A Selective Collection?

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Household Waste: It is important to remember that with each passing year, we must take more care of our Planet. Small gestures in our daily lives can be transformative for the environment. For example, the simple fact of correctly separating household waste helps in the recycling process. And unfortunately, houses and condominiums in large urban centers are not used to this selective collection. That’s why we at CG Cleaning will help you implement a particular group in your routine. Could you keep reading and learn more about it?

What Is The Importance Of Separating Household Waste?

By separating household waste correctly, this waste can give another destination. That is, when you separate the garbage from your home, it can, depending on what the waste is, be recycled. And this recycling process unburdens large dumps and sanitary landfills. Since much of the garbage that is in these places can reuse. In addition, recycling saves natural resources and generates income for workers who live by collecting reused materials.

Selective collection: Practising daily

We need every day to try to have sustainable attitudes in our homes, condominiums and businesses. This way, we will collaborate with the environment and our Planet’s future. Therefore, a slight attitude, such as separating household waste, is very important. But, this process of giving a new destination to the garbage with a proper separation is called selective collection. There are five steps to making a particular excellent collection. They are:

Separate The Trash Into Groups -Household Waste

First, you must select and separate each waste to increase your collection. In this sense, it is essential to divide household waste into two groups:

  • A group
  • glass
  • plastic
  • clean paper
  • group B
  • organic waste
  • mirrors
  • medicine bottles

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Have A Different Colored Trash Can For Each Group

At home, you can have two bins, one for recyclables and one for non-recyclables. But in condominiums, schools and companies, it would be interesting to have large trash cans that will differentiate colour.

  • plastic= red
  • paper= blue
  • glass=green
  • metal=yellow
  • organic material= brown.

Clean Up The Trash Properly -Household Waste

Leaving products dry and clean facilitates the recycling and reuse process. That way, you must remove the excess residue that could contaminate it. An example is when we eat pizza, there is always leftover food in the box. Therefore, to recycle the material, it is necessary to remove the rest of the food from the cardboard box. Finally, this step dramatically helps urban cleaning workers and cooperatives, as it does not generate a foul odour.

Pack Household Waste

Packing products correctly is excellent—the workers who recycle the material handle the discarded garbage.

Workers who recycle the material end up handling the discarded garbage. Therefore, packing each one properly helps to avoid accidents. Therefore, do not discard the glass directly in the trash; put it in a PET bottle and seal it to protect the worker.

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Determine A Correct Destination

It is essential to give a correct destination for household waste that will separate. For example, some cities have programs to collect oils, batteries, and medicines, among other materials. You must look for this information to determine if your city has this project. A tip is to search the city’s social media or contact the city hall.

Meet Cg Cleaning

Do you need a garbage bag to do your selective collection? Count on CG Cleaning. We will specialize in the sale of cleaning materials and the like. We offer the best items on the market. Do you have a cleaning products distributor? Count on us! We are a supplier with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Contact us and guarantee quality.

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