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What is Hack Squat – Variations, Benefits, And More

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The hack squat is a great option to strengthen yo.ur legs and make your butt hard. As such, this exercise is one of several variations of the traditional squat. Thus, the squat hack works not only the glutes and quadriceps but also the hamstrings, calves and hip flexors.

The hack squat is by George Hackenschmidt, wrestler and weightlifter. He aimed to create an exercise focused on building muscle mass and strength like the traditional squat, but without causing joint or back problems.

Anyone can perform the move. But first of all, it is essential to point out that to perform any exercise, you must have the support of a physical educator to avoid possible injuries.

what Is The Hack Squat For?

Although it can see as just one of many squats, the hack has specifics that make it complete and adequate. First, it has a different activation from the others, as there is interaction with the secondary muscles (hamstrings and gluteus maximus) and the primary muscles that form the quadriceps. Therefore, it results in more intense muscular work.

That’s because it works the quadriceps, posterior, gluteal and hip flexors muscles in a multiarticular way. The quadriceps is the one that works the most in the exercise, significantly when the load will lower, while when the bag goes up, the glutes and posteriors work the most. Hack squats are done on a device and adjusted according to the person’s body Hack squats are performed on this device and will adapt to fit your body.

Hack Squat Variations

Some variations of this type of exercise give different stimuli to the muscle.

Reverse Squat Hack

In this case, you try to perform the exercise but stand in front of the backrest. This pose helps the muscles responsible for extending your knees work better. In addition, it favours the performance of the gluteal when pushing.

With Bar

Another variant is to put ourselves in a push-up position and place a bar behind the heel, sitting with the palms facing back. We should slightly arch the back and contract the abdominal band. The look we have to continue putting it in the front and the feet parallel to the width of the shoulders. Breathing and movements will do the same as in the traditional squat.

Benefits Of Hack Squat

In addition to helping to build strength and muscle, the squat hack works for multiple muscle groups at once. It also works in the alignment of posture, allows you to work one leg at a time and, by distributing the load in a balanced way, the chance of injury is lower.

One of the most crucial assistance of this device is that people with herniated disc problems and various low back pain can perform the exercise with professional instruction and monitoring. When done correctly, the movement does not force the injured areas.

  • It helps in building strength and muscles.
  • Works for several muscle collections at the same time.
  • In addition, it improves posture and spinal alignment.
  • Help prevent injuries.
  • It doesn’t put as much pressure on the spine as it allows you to distribute the load more evenly.
  • Finally, it allows you to train each leg individually.

How To Correctly Perform A Hack Squat?

With your back against the device, hold the sides to support your hands.

Unlock the device by slightly lifting the platform with your feet supported, but pay attention: you are the one who moves and not the machine, and it is important to maintain the natural curvature of the body in the lumbar region without ultimately touching the device pad.

  • Then, start the squat movement until reaching an angle of less than 90º with the knees, slowly and continuously.
  • The knees should constantly be in line with the feet.
  • Remember to breathe calmly.
  • Repeat the series as many times as requested by the professional.

Free Squat X Hack

The squat hack movement is the same as the free squat. The difference lies in how the centre of gravity will  project through the device’s positioning

Therefore, there is a differentiated stimulus since the machine balances the weight and generates more excellent stability. Thus, the movement can be performed with a higher load when compared to the free squat without losing security in training.

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What Replaces The Hack Squat?

A dumbbell squat is an option for those who do not have access to Hack equipment and can perform in two ways:

  • Choose a pair of dumbbells and do the traditional squat.
  • Sumo Squats with Dumbbells – Position two steps pointed to the side and perform the traditional squat movement.


There are variations between the squat styles; however, specifically for the movement done in Hack, the ideal is to do only the traditional training. Consult the physical education professional to recommend the best way to perform the exercise.

As it is a device that makes it possible to lift a high load, professional monitoring is important to properly guide the position to perform the movement, avoiding injuries or accidents during execution.

It is important to dress in specific clothes to perform physical exercises which allow entire movement and do not interfere with the execution. Wear suitable footwear to avoid any accidents with the equipment due to slipping or twisting your foot, for example.


It is necessary to pay care to the position of the knees so that they will always align and the lumbar with its natural shape without overloading the exercise and causing any injury.

Exercise is important for health and well-being. Allied to healthy habits and a balanced diet result in a lifestyle beneficial to health.

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