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Green Dress Accessories: 3 Ideas To Compose Your Look

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Green Dress Accessories: Different green dress accessories make up elegant looks for weddings, graduations, and baptisms. Bet on high heels and gold jewelry with delicate stones to complete the look.

Choose a mix of layered silver and white gold jewelry and a plain or patterned moss green dress for a modern look. Opt for a more casual look with gold jewellery, brightly coloured stones, and a teal dress. A delicate leather watch will make this look even more striking.

Want to create a perfect dress code with green dress accessories? So, keep reading the post!

Why Wear A Green Dress?

Green favours both blondes and brunettes, giving a certain vitality to those wearing the colour. In addition, it suits all skin types.

Many celebrities left their mark by accessorizing the green dress on the Oscars carpet. Grace Kelly, for example, wore pearl earrings and a lacy dress when she took the stage to receive her statuette. In addition, Katy Winslet wore green dresses to two awards shows and Rachel McAdams to three.

Some actresses chose green dresses to look more spectacular during pregnancy. Angelina Jolie from Max Azria Atelier and Elsa Pataky from Intropia are just a few examples.

Such prestige is not for nothing. Green is a classic colour, ideal for those who want to stand out in discreet and, at the same time, elegant looks. Moss green lace dresses are perfect for outdoor events, especially during the day, as they make a face lighter

Prefer basic looks? Flag green also composes everyday looks that stand out in neutral, unflattering eyes. Who wants to get away from the usual little black dress of the office look can modernize the face with a dark green dress. The colour makes the dress code more youthful and avoids informality.

The water green draws a lot of attention and leaves the look sophisticated. The colour can compose looks for parties, baptisms and informal parties.

Which Shade Of Green To Wear For Each Occasion?

Lemon, mint and sage are the most used shades of green at parties during the year’s hottest months. But, as you know, lime green is rising and, like other citrus colours, composes relaxed and fun looks.

Parties that take place in winter require a little more detailed look. Therefore, on these occasions, opt for emerald green or green oil dresses. To stay warm, wear a coat that is darker than your dress.

At the end of the year, you can wear green flag dresses made of light fabrics with gold necklaces and red stones. This festive look will make Christmas even more special.

Tiffany green lace and short dresses are the ideal company for birthday parties or informal dinners. A colourful high-heeled shoe makes the look beyond charming.

The moss green, a favourite of fashionistas, can be used on any occasion, from informal parties to more elegant events. Pair it with pearl necklaces or jewellery with a modern design, such as those from Big Ben’s BB Dreams collection.

3 Tips For Accessories For A Green Dress

Jewellery Mix

A mix of silver and white gold necklaces and bracelets highlights glamorous green or straight-cut dresses. Be bold: jewellery of different models and textures will make the look more modern.

Finish off the look with geometrically designed earrings with vibrantly coloured stones and a colourful handbag in a striking colour. This laid-back, not-too-discreet look is perfect for outdoor parties, which are often less formal.

Golden Jewels

Some green dress accessories make the look more sophisticated. Want an example? Earrings, necklaces and rings in gold and diamonds with a dark green dress are ideal for anyone looking to rock a graduation party or a wedding. Finish off the look with golden shoes or strappy sandals.

Prefer a Tiffany green dress? I prefer gold jewellery with coloured stones, a more relaxed combination for this look. In that case, use golden bags and shoes of the same shade. Deeper, darker greens like emerald green combine with white gold and cool-toned stones of blue, lilac, and purple hues.

And the makeup? Bet on wine or red lipstick. Pink also goes well with flag-green or oil-green dresses. Avoid green shadows; prefer more discreet tones like gold or nude.

Silver Jewelry

Are you going to be a bridesmaid? Going to a christening? Silver jewellery is an excellent option for those looking for a beautiful and discreet look for these and other special occasions.

To compose this look, keeping an eye on harmony is essential. Wear rings, earrings and necklaces with yellow or blue stones, making the dress stand out. The bag and shoes can be silver or the same colour as the stones in the jewellery.

A bolder choice of silver jewellery will make the green dress stand out for a more casual event like a summer picnic or restaurant dinner. Bet on necklaces and earrings with stones of various colours without fear of making a mistake.

Of course, silver jewellery always looks perfect in everyday looks. So, wear your favourite green dress, structured sneakers, rings, and earrings. Finish off with a large colourful necklace and a choker with a delicate pendant.

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