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Tips To Enjoy With The Kids During The School Holidays

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School holidays have arrived! The kids couldn’t be more eager to have much fun in this period without classes. Of course, moms and caregivers want their little ones to make the most of this time, but it can be very challenging to keep a child entertained at all times, especially when we have our chores to do.

For the holidays to be fruitful, it is necessary to organize some fun and constructive activities to prevent the child from being glazed all day in front of a cell phone or television. So, if you’re going to enjoy the holidays at home, check out 12 fun activities to stimulate creativity and ensure lots of fun for the little ones:

Family Meals

This idea is efficient and can be a lot of fun! Try inviting your child to help prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to having a hand in preparing meals, the task can be very educational and deepen the connection with your little one.

To make the activity more enjoyable, use matching aprons and decorate the table, allowing the child to explore their creativity. A good alternative is to prepare themed meals with decor and food inspired by things she likes, such as a minions breakfast or a Lady and the Tramp dinner.

After the meal, invite the child to help clean with the same enthusiasm, creating games to encourage the task and even rewards, such as a delicious dessert to enjoy when the kitchen is clean.

Camp At Home

It’s not because you’re staying at home that you can’t live great adventures. A suggestion is to invite the child to a special camp at home and do typical activities as if they were in a forest. For example, you can set up a tent in the living room using pillows and blankets, and you can have a lot of fun reading books, telling stories, eating marshmallows or watching camp movies.

City Tours During School Holidays

School holidays can be a great time to explore and tour the city. However, if your routine doesn’t allow that flexibility, you can plan for the weekends.

It is an excellent opportunity to explore and connect with nature. One possibility is to visit parks, squares, beaches, streams and waterfalls — and take the chance to discover spaces that, perhaps, are also new to you.

If you live in a big city, options to consider are museums, libraries, malls and educational spaces. The activity must also be fun for the child, so the ideal is to avoid walks that are too long or not interesting for the child’s eyes.

Practice Of Physical Exercises During School Holidays

In addition to being healthy, practising physical exercises can be a lot of fun and increase the connection between mother and child. Here, you can explore outdoor activities like hiking and running, or indoors like yoga, dancing or ball sports. Try to let go of the rules at this point; after all, you don’t need an elaborate choreography, just an upbeat song and jumping non-stop.

It is valid to ask your child what he likes the most and, thus, take advantage of this moment to connect. For example, if he already practices some sport, this could be an opportunity for him to teach you the practice. It will increase the bond between you and make him proud to be able to guide you in something.

Home Cinema During School Holidays

Movie nights are a more straightforward and relaxed way to have fun at home. This fun option is easy to organize and doesn’t require a lot of planning, as all you need is a good movie, cosy pyjamas, a bucket of popcorn or other goodies, and cosiness on the couch or in bed with your little one.

This activity can be repeated frequently, with variations on the “playing” films and even the decoration of the private cinema, which, like the meals, can be decorated according to the film to be shown.

Try watching your favourite childhood movies as it can be fun and exciting to introduce your child to those you loved when they were their age.

School Toy On Vacation

This game can be an excellent option to entertain and educate at the same time. Invite your child to play school, do some activities together, participate in recess, offer snacks, and enjoy until nap time! During the game, try to show that studying is fun, as this can help the child readjust to the school environment at the end of the holidays.

An excellent option to make this game even more fun for the child is to ask her if she would like to be the teacher. She can be very amused by the idea of ​​role reversal and feel pride in being able to teach an adult something.

Gardening Practices During School Holidays

If you want your child (or even yourself!) to disconnect a little from technology to enjoy real life more, try activities where they will get their hands dirty and get in touch with nature.

How about inviting your child to create or take care of a vegetable garden or garden outside your home? Together, you will increase the contact with nature and the connection between mother and child in an activity that can be very educational and yield good results (literally!). And, between us, wouldn’t your little ones look beautiful as gardeners?

To increase a child’s interest in gardening, it’s good to let them get dirty and play with natural soil. Then, whenever possible, show the results of her efforts, such as a herb you planted that will use for cooking or a flower that was already dying but has sprouted again after the child’s care.

If you have space available, invite her to a gardening store and let her choose her favourite pots and plants. Following a plant from the beginning can be fun and educational.

Art Workshop During School Holidays

During school holidays, the child may miss exploring creativity as they did at school. Therefore, a good suggestion is to hold art workshops for her to play with crayons, paints, collages, play dough or any other option she prefers. Creativity is the only limit, so try to find the selected materials to create your little one’s works of art together.

As difficult as this may seem, make an effort not to be afraid of clutter during your art workshops. It can be an excellent time to teach your child about the value of housework and ask for help reorganizing the environment after activities are over. When cleaning, the idea is not to break the fun atmosphere; create games and games to encourage your child during this stage.

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