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Good Ideas To Give New Life To The Empty Bedroom Wall Decor

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Bedroom Wall Decor: Our bedrooms are the perfect space to explore the walls – they are personal spaces where we can be a little braver than in other more sociable environments like the living room.

Gallery walls are one of my favourite features in a bedroom as you can inject your personality and utilize a collection of prints or family photos,” Bethan Harwood, Home Design Stylist at John Lewis,

Bedroom Wall Decor – Bedroom Wall Painting

Bedroom Wall Decor - Bedroom Wall Painting

Make montages and enlarged prints with your favourite images: photos, landscapes, people, and your famous works of art are perfect for showing your personality in the bedroom.

Rotate Photos In A Photo Gallery Frame

Do you like the idea of ​​a wall gallery but can never decide on your favourite photos? Look for a frame that makes it easy to see the images you love; with pre-sized openings, you can fit your photos.

Bedroom Wall Decor – Create A Theme

Combine the pillows with the art on your wall for a designed look that shows you’ve thought of every detail of your new bedroom.

Bedroom Wall Decor – Bedroom Wall Mirror

Bedroom Wall Decor - Bedroom Wall Mirror

Every room needs a mirror, but do you know how to choose the right wall to receive it? Then, in the space, hang a single mirror in a size that doesn’t fill it but also doesn’t leave too many gaps.


Placing shelves on a bedroom wall gives you even more space for creation. So let your creativity flow with these floating, colourful or geometric shelves. But remember: a frame can be an invitation to clutter the environment.


In this guest bedroom design, seashells are the theme, with pillows.

Utilize The Space Above Your Dressing Table

Group a collection of prints on the wall above the dressing table, as this is a brilliant accent wall idea for the bedroom. It is where you can enjoy them as you prepare to leave.

You can also add motivational and inspirational quotes to prepare for the day ahead. Finally, choose a dark shade of paint to make your photo wall stand out – white frames and prints will stand out.

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Surround Your Sleep Space With Special Memories

Think about what’s in the wall space next to your bed – it’s often the last thing you see before bed. For example, display a map of a particular place, a treasured poem, or photographs of a loved one.

Use a floating photo shelf in a small room, allowing you to change what’s on your bedroom wall easily.

Bedroom Wall Decor  – have fun

This wall of pictures in a girl’s room is a real feast for the eyes and imagination. It is because it was allowed to grow visually from a central point – the frame of the print, which is the same colour as the dress.

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Bedroom Wall Decor  – Wall Hooks

Get creative to create unique and personalized wall hangings and wall hooks for the bedroom. Fill the space with textures and colours that match the environment.

Panels Of Printed Fabric Or Screen Printed

Try sticking to handmade tapestries or a canvas-printed panel. They expand your creative options and let you work with various photos, textures and images that look like they came straight from the factory.


They help turn your wall into a mural or a panel. Fill your empty bedroom wall with wallpaper and watch the magic happen.

Bedroom Wall Decor  – Graffiti

The bold strokes of graffiti are also welcome elements in filling your bedroom’s empty wall. They leave the decoration with a

modern and exclusive face.

Bedroom Wall Decor – Boiseries

Created in France, boiseries are ornaments that frame walls through embossed wood panels or plaster. On the bedroom wall, they enhance the decor with all their vintage charm.

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