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How To Do Black Hair? Learn It

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Black Hair:  More than a style, black hair is an important symbol in the history of black people. The look gained momentum in the 1960s in the United States and in the hippie movement of the 1970s.

It will use young people who decided to fight against racial prejudice and the inequalities the black community felt in their skin at that time – and still feels today. They wanted equal rights, including wearing their hair as they saw fit – rather than trying to hide their roots.

Also known as the good old black power, the powerful look deserves a step-by-step for those who want to adopt this type of hair. Understand all about female black hair and learn how to take good care of it:

  • Black hair, an instrument of resistance
  • How to do black power hair
  • How to comb and style black hair
  • How to take care of black hair
  • black power haircuts
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Black Hair, An Instrument Of Resistance

In the history of African societies, black hair is synonymous with identity. It could indicate to which family, tribe or social class a person belonged. In the 1960s, in the United States, black hair became a symbol of rebellion, pride and empowerment.

At the time, North American blacks could not enter certain areas, vote, or even use the same bathroom as whites in some more “conservative” houses.

So, in that historic moment, black power hair was the flag of a crowd that beat their chests to declare their pride in being black. A strong story, right? And it is so until today.

A Model With Black Power Hair And Glasses

More than a style, black power hair is a symbol of resistance | Photo: reproduction @luciellenassis

The curls return, and the movement of taking the hair as it is – curly, voluminous and beautiful! – is a sign of empowerment.

After all, no one buys this story of good hair or bad hair anymore, do they? So how about learning how to turn your curly into a mighty afro?

How To Make A Black Power

To help us teach you how to make black powder, we talked to an expert on the subject. Soraia Ferretti is the founder of Lunablu, a beauty salon in São Paulo that only takes care of curly hair.

Your first tip is to talk to a hairdresser to find out what the texture of your hair is. Black power hair looks best on those with 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C hair. They are the curly ones with the tightest curls, which will create the perfect volume. Those with more loose waves can try the hairstyle, but it may not be as complete as desired.

To make black power, you need to have a small arsenal of products and learn to comb and style them correctly.

How To Comb And Style Black Hair

How To Comb And Style Black Hair

After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner specifically for curly hair, apply a leave-in or leave-in comb cream over the strands that are still damp.

Dry the locks from the bottom up with a diffuser, lifting them to give volume. This way of drying alone should leave your hair feeling full. Next, lift the root with a fork comb across the head to make it even more packed. You can also use the accessory to open a few curls in the length of the yarn. Finish with setting spray.

The step-by-step above makes it possible to make black power at home. Then, you can wear it loose or let your creativity run wild As joining Black Power is a matter of attitude, you can add your personal touch to the hairstyle, such as scarves, turbans, and tiaras.

How To Take Care Of Black Hair

Your black hair deserves all the care you can get. However, as curly wires are naturally more sensitive and dry than the others, the curves do not allow the oil to reach the ends, so they tend to be more porous and lose nutrients more efficiently.

Therefore, be very careful when using thermal tools, such as a hairdryer and flat iron. Always use a heat protectant, especially when drying them with a diffuser and finishing with a setting spray.

Treatments such as hydration should be applied at least once a week to keep the wires constantly hydrated. Also, avoid washing your hair too often, which can dry it out. On days when you are not going to pass, apply a leave-in to protect the locks, retain moisture and add shine.

Black Power Haircuts

For respectablethis hair, a cut is also essential. It needs to will round and at least four or five fingers long. In this case, the best technique is to trim curl by curl (done with dry hair) and leave the ends frayed.

Woman With Dark Brunette Hair

So you conquer volume while ensuring the lightness and movement of the wires. Those with medium to long hair can cut it in layers, careful not to make the bangs too short and spiky.

Where Did Black Hair Come From?

The history of black power hair began in the 1920s when the Jamaican black activist Marcus Garvey questioned the straightening processes that black people adopted – even then! But the term itself was only created in the 1960s in the United States when the civil rights movement demanded equality for the African-American community.

What Is The Reason For The Black Hair?

This hair will be a way of valuing African roots and identity and a symbol of empowerment. The Black Panthers were among the groups most exalted the style in the United States. The organization was a political group that advocated for the African-American community in the 1960s.

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How To Style Black Power Hair?

You can comb out your black power, but do it using a wide-toothed comb, from bottom to top, after washing them. Remove excess water with a towel, as detangling very wet hair can break them.

What’s The Secret To Making Your Hair Black?

The main secret is to keep the cut up to date. When you lose your rounded shape, head over to the hairdresser. But in addition, you also need to be careful when combing it, using the right products.

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