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Dermaroller For Skin: A device that reduces wrinkles -2024

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Dermaroller For Skin: The Dermaroller is a small cylinder encrusted with microneedles to make holes in the skin, called microneedling. The idea is that these tiny holes help the skin produce more collagen, a protein that makes skin look healthier. They also open up the skin to serums and moisturizing products. The treatment is typically used on the face but can also be used on other areas of the body, mainly where scars are present. The Dermaroller is very simple to use, but don’t forget to clean both the skin and the instrument before and after use.

Cleaning the Dermaroller and the skin

Disinfect the Dermaroller before using it. As the microneedles penetrate the skin, they need to be disinfected. Soak the instrument in 70% isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes.

70% is better than 99% as it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

After that time, take the Dermaroller, shake it to remove excess alcohol and let it dry for a few minutes.

Wash skin with warm water. It is vital to start with clean skin. For example, you can use a light, foaming cleanser on your face. Use bar soap or a shower gel and water on other body parts. It’s okay to use the essential cleaning products you already have.

However, don’t start with anything too harsh don’t use cleaning products that contain salicylic acid, just lighter products.

Disinfect the skin if using longer needles. Such needles penetrate more profound, which can end up causing an infection. If using arrows over half a millimetre, disinfect the skin and Dermaroller. Apply 70% isopropyl alcohol all over your skin.

Passing The Cylinder

Start with an anaesthetic cream, if you prefer. Most people are not sensitive to needles, but if you are keen to pain, use an anaesthetic cream first  this is even more important if the hands are 1 mm or larger. Apply a lidocaine cream to the area and leave it on for 20 minutes before starting to use the product.

Remove excess cream before starting.

Pass the cylinder vertically. Start at the edge of the spot, rolling the cylinder from top to bottom and avoiding the eye area if you’re using it on your face. Then, lift and pass it over the same spot, repeating six times. Finally, please place it in another area and repeat until finished.

There may be slight bleeding if you use longer needles, such as 1 mm or longer. However, if there are more than small holes of blood, stop using the instrument. Maybe you need a smaller needle.

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Pass the cylinder horizontally. Starting from the top or bottom, pass the instrument across the area horizontally, lift it and pass again, completing it six times. Bring it up or down a little more and repeat the process until you complete the area.

Another option is to use it diagonally, which can cause uneven needling.

Stop using the instrument after two minutes, especially on the face. Microneedling has a limit, especially if it is done on the face’s most delicate skin. So limit each session to less than two minutes if you can

Use the Dermaroller every other day. Too frequent use can cause inflammation. At most, try to use it three to five times a week, giving your skin a break from time to time.  Some people only have the treatment once every six weeks.

Performing A Cleaning

Wash Your Face When You’re Done.

Use only water since you’ve already cleaned your face. It is necessary to clean well to remove blood residues.  You can also use a mild cleanser if you prefer.

Hydrate The Skin

Use a hydrating mask to heal the area when you’re done. [14] Another option is to use a rejuvenating or anti-wrinkle serum, which penetrates deeper due to the small holes in the skin.

Clean The Cylinder With Detergent And Hot Water.

Detergent is better than other soaps at removing small blood and skin particles from the instrument. Place detergent and water in a clean container and swirl the cylinder in the solution.

Disinfect The Instrument After Each Use

Shake off the extra water and place it in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Let it soak for ten minutes before removing excess alcohol, and let it dry naturally before storing.

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