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Colorimetry: Discover A Colour To Call Your Own

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Colorimetry: Have you ever noticed that some clothes colours make you even more beautiful? And that some tones make you more “erased”? There’s an explanation: it’s colourimetry. Anyone who wants to shine on the Oscars red carpet or get a lot of likes on Instagram should know this science better: colourimetry analyzes details such as hue, saturation and intensity to ensure that no look goes unnoticed.

This technique, however, is helpful for all of us; after all, who doesn’t want to receive compliments and buy the right pieces to upgrade their look?

If you are wondering: how do I find out which colour to use according to my skin type? Stay calm! Next, we will explain everything to you.

What Is Colorimetry?

These combinations were researched and separated into different categories. By following this guide, you will discover which colours to assemble your wardrobe to look beautiful and elegant.

Different colours are put on your skin to understand how your body reacts to each one. Not as an allergy, far from it. But in reflections, highlights and combinations.

How Is The Color Split?

The colour division is inspired by the seasons and relates to skin tone. There are three types: hot, cold and neutral:

Skin Tone

Warm tone: light or dark in colour, referring to sunny summer days. Displays shades ranging from golden to yellow.

Calm Tone

light or dark in colour, reminiscent of late afternoon and cold winter days. Displays hues ranging from blue to olive green. Pale skin varies between purple and light pink, passing through the blue.

Division By Seasons

If your skin tone is excellent, you belong in the summer or winter family. However, if it’s warm, you have spring or autumn colours.

These tones look good in dresses with geometric cuts or more well-behaved pieces like Kate Middleton’s. Pearls, dainty earrings and long necklaces with bold pendants are the best jewellery for those in this category.


Those who embrace this season have warm skin and light up with earthy tones. Think scarlet red, fuchsia pink and deep purple.

Also, you can use soft greens and some more vibrant shades like peach and salmon. You can also bet on jewellery with stones such as rubies and amethysts. On the other hand, you should avoid soft pastels and shades of yellow or orange, including rusty brown and brick red.

How Many Pieces Of Jewellery, Prefer Delicate Parts?


As you might have guessed, those who classify as winter have cold skin, so you should bet on dark and shiny pieces, such as sequined dresses and coats.

These types can also wear polished oranges and deep purples as they will look fabulous. These shades will look great on blazers or jumpsuits. What jewellery to wear? Chokers and oversized diamond earrings will make you even more radiant.


This season is for warm-skinned people, who should wear pieces of clothing with vibrant colours such as orange, yellow and gold. Light and fluid fabrics will make the look even more beautiful. When it comes to jewellery, I prefer large necklaces and earrings full of colours and sparkles.

In addition to the divisions by seasons, colourimetry also establishes a scale of undertones. To determine them, it is essential to analyze details such as the colour of the veins, haemoglobin and carotene, an organic pigment belonging to the group of carotenoids.

Want a tip on how to do this? Can you see your veins under your skin? Are they blue or green? The first colour indicates a calm skin tone, while the second indicates that your skin tone is warm.

Wear black and white pieces for wardrobe essentials if you have warm skin. However, I prefer ivory and brown tones if cold, as they will make it more elegant.

As we live in a very diverse country, it can be challenging to determine your skin tone. Therefore, to ensure that you choose the colours that make you more beautiful, the ideal is to consult a specialist.

How To Find The Ideal Color Palette?


Some colour and image tests let you determine your colour palette. Do you know when you walk into a store and try on various pieces of different colours, shines and textures? Some parts look beautiful, and others don’t look so good.

After discovering your colour palette, you can change your hair colour and bet on makeup that will make you more attractive. Of course, you can also invest in clothing highlighting your natural beauty.


Using the right colours will brighten your face, hide imperfections and highlight your features. On the other hand, the wrong colour gives a tired look and highlights blemishes and dark circles. In addition, it can draw attention to small-expression marks that are barely visible.

And which jewellery to choose? Silver or rose gold jewellery tends to look best on cool skin tones, while gold jewellery tends to flatter those with warm skin

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