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How To Choose Your First Wig?

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First Wig: The hair market has a wide range of wigs that makes their wearer look so stunning. They come in different types such as lace front wigs, lace closures, v part wigs and other related types. However, it can sometimes be a daunting task for an individual to choose which of these wig types will provide a stunning look and comfort. This can even be more tedious especially if you are new to wearing wigs.

While buying wigs for the first time can seem overwhelming, it is also easier than it seems when you are familiar with certain tips. Your major goal of looking for the right wig goes beyond looking stunning as you would also consider the comfort that comes with it anytime you are putting it on. Since the right wig for you must naturally reflect your stunning look and personality, you must consider certain things such as your budget, hair style, cap size, color, and length.

This article will help you understand these factors in detail to help you successfully choose a perfect wig. Here are the five factors you need to consider when choosing a wig for the first time:

1. Budget

Yes, of course, a budget should be one of the most important factors to consider. Note that the market is full of various beautiful wigs that come at different prices. Before choosing any wig of your choice, you need to know your budget first. Wigs range in price from relatively affordable to ones that would require more money. You must, however, find and choose the wig type that falls within the range of your budget.

If you are just starting when it comes to choosing a wig, you may consider shunning the most expensive wig and as you get used to the system, you may consider expensive ones. However, you should be concerned with practicing and learning how to care properly for your wig. A couple of ways to care for your wig include cleaning with shampoo, avoiding conditioner to avoid a greasy appearance, and avoiding pulling out.

2. Hairstyle

Choosing the perfect hairstyle may sometimes not be easy as it seems. You don’t want to choose a hairstyle that doesn’t match your face or dress, hence, the need to properly check out a fitting hairstyle. However, getting the most expensive wig from the market doesn’t mean it will match your face. Remember, your appearance matter most regardless of wearing an expensive wig or not.

The market has hundreds of different wig styles you can choose from. You may sometimes or somehow feel shy if you are a first-time wig wearer but the truth is that there is nothing to be shy about. Recently, wigs have significantly improved in style and you can be assured that the market has the exact style of wig you desire.

So when choosing a wig, you must check out for a wig that integrates seamlessly with your scalp and facial features. If you are going on a wig for the first time, you may try to go for one that closely looks like the hairstyles you recently had or a current one. When you start with something you are familiar with, it will be easy to maintain and style your hair.

Thankfully, different wigs out there can be styled to not have the same look, so you can consider taking your wig to a salon that cares for wigs for proper maintenance.

3. Cap size

Cap size for wigs falls into three categories. They include small, medium, and large. You must ensure to choose the suitable cap size based on the size of your head. Most people find the medium cap size suitable. However, you can also customize your cap size if these categories don’t fit your head.

To know the right cop size for you, measure your head’s circumference to get started if you are not sure of the size to buy. It is pertinent to know that sizing may differ based on the brand. If your choice of the brand has minimal sizing, this may mean the wigs are produced for many people of the cap size. This could, however, mean quality.

You can adjust some wigs that come with an elastic band to your comfort and suitability. After all, you are not only concerned with its beautiful appearance. Considering you will be on this wig at different times, choosing a perfect wig can help you differentiate between a comfortable hairpiece and an irritable one.

4. Color

Wigs are available in a variety of colors in the market. However, you may be confused when it comes to choosing the right color. Choosing a suitable wig demands that you have a specific color. A couple of wig sellers out there may provide you with a color system.

More importantly, you must consider the most popular and classic colored wigs such as ombre strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, ombre burgundy, and lots more. Color choice may also vary from person to person.

5. Length

Wigs come in different lengths depending on the choice of their wearers. However, when it comes to choosing wigs length, buyers must consider comfortability.

Generally, wigs lengths are categorized into three. These include:

Short wigs: This wig type frames the face and lay at the neck’s nap. They are usually 8″ to 12″ long.

Medium wigs: The length of a medium wig falls in the shoulder region

Long wigs: These go beyond the shoulder region. Long wigs usually drape around the mid-back and are usually 16″ in length.

Wig length depends on the wearer’s choice and each brand also varies in length. As such, wearers can also customize their wigs by cutting or requesting longer lengths.


Knowing the factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right wigs for you is an integral part of choosing the right wigs. These factors provide you with confidence and a stunning look, and more importantly, comfort when you choose the right hairstyle, cap size, color, and length. Also, ensure that your choice of wig falls within your budget whether you are a newbie or a seasoned hairpiece wearer.

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