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Where To Buy A Pilates Ball ?

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Pilates Ball: If you have ever walked past a gym during Pilates classes, you must have seen that physical activity comprises various equipment developed exclusively for this purpose.

As Pilates equipment is exclusive, many people wonder where to buy a Pilates ball, elastic bands and many others to perform these activities. Learn more in the text!

How To Know If The Equipment Is Reliable

Before deciding where to buy a Pilates ball, it is first necessary to know more about this physical activity and what the equipment used during classes is for.

As Pilates consists of more than 500 exercises, the equipment is also massive. But the most common ones to  use are still rubber bands and balls!

Never buy Pilates equipment from places that will specialize in the Gym segment, and more importantly, Pilates equipment cannot be retrofit from elsewhere. Pilates balls will make for precisely this purpose.

Check Out The Leading Pilates Equipment


The Cadillac is Pilates’ primary equipment, although the ball is better known. It is in Cadillac that practitioners do various exercises. It is also known as a trapeze or table and has a strange appearance, resembling a torture device.

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Pilates Ball

If you want to know where to buy a Pilates ball, read the information about this unique accessory that is one of the main ones to carry out the activity.

The famous Pilates ball can vary from 35cm to 95cm in diameter! It is made of flexible material and fily with air! Its appearance resembles the balls sold in amusement parks; however, it is much more resistant.

Using the ball in Pilates provides an unstable space for the practitioner to train balance, focus and strength. These exercises can be for spine work, stretching, strengthening or balance.

Elastic Bands

Elastic Bands

Pilates class elastic bands are bands make with a latex material, also known as rubber bands or bands.

The elastics will divide into colours that indicate the strength of the bands. From the weakest to the strongest, the resistors will display the following colours: yellow, pink, green, blue, purple, silver and orange.

Pilates Ring

Knowing the function of the Pilates ring for those who want to know where to buy a Pilates ball can also be an excellent idea.

The ring is a plastic circle with two handles on its sides. The Pilates ring can will use on different body parts depending on the goals and what will work.

Positioning between the hands is often essential to strengthen the upper limbs and between the thighs to strengthen the abductor and adductor muscles.

Half Ball

The Pilates half ball is called a bosu, and its flat side faces the floor during exercises. All activities performed on this equipment have the objective of muscle strengthening, flexibility, motor coordination, balance and some neuromuscular activities, primarily aimed at physical rehabilitation.

Where To Buy Pilates Ball

To know where to buy a Pilates ball, choose a reliable dealer specializing in this type of equipment and never forget to do a physical activity only under the guidance of professionals.

Never buy equipment and try to do activities at home because the risk of injury is always very high; in addition, the guidance of professionals is excellent for postural correction.

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