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Five Exercises To Make Your Butt Tight And Flat

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Butt Tight: It is the time to prepare to face the summer and parade in a bikini on the beach or in the pool, without fear. We’ve already talked about exercises to lose belly, but every woman dreams of having a flat stomach and a complex and pert butt. So, I separated some activities to give that boost to the glutes.

Brazilian women already have curvy shapes and big buttocks, but you can always sculpt and make it even better. A firm and pert butt guarantees success in the summer, and you don’t want to hide behind the yoke. With these exercises, you’ll make your butt even more beautiful, or if you’re feeling a little sloppy, you’ll boost your glutes and self-esteem. It will recommend doing the exercises three times a week, on alternate days.

It will not recommend doing the same exercises on consecutive days. And, in just 30 minutes a day, you can already guarantee a more beautiful butt.

Sumo Squat (Sumo Squat) With Overload

  • The squat is one of the best and most traditional exercises to work the glutes and increase the butt.
  • In the sumo squat, the legs are further apart, a little beyond the direction of the hips, with the toes facing out.
  • Keep the spine straight without leaning forward, perform the movement, forming a 90º angle with the knee about the thigh and pay attention that the knee does not go beyond the tip of the feet.
  • To intensify the exercise, add an overload. Can do it with dumbbells or in the smith.
  • Check how much weight you can lift with the help of an instructor, and gradually increase it. The quality of the movement is more important than the amount of weight.
  • For those who are already used to alw
  • ays doing the traditional squat, sumo is an exce
  • This exercise works most of the muscles of the thighs and all the parts of the butt, leaving it more round and pert.
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Stiff Or Deadlift With Barbell Or Dumbbells

  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the bar – or dumbbells, with your arms in front of your body, palms facing inwards, lower your torso, keeping your spine straight. Be careful not to leave the spine arched—controlled movement on the descent and up faster.
  • The unilateral stiff is a variation of the exercise for the more advanced.
  • At the time of the descent movement, one of the legs will extend backwards. In this case, do the same number of repetitions alternating the side of the leg.
  • With your back resting on the bench like Ingrid will do in the video below, hold the weight on your hip, slowly lowering it and returning to the starting position.
  • Training tip: 3 sets of 8, 10 and 12 reps on the last set. Rest for 45 seconds and do another set again.

Hip Extension On The Low Pulley:

  • His exercise works the gluteus maximus and thigh. With your body slightly leaning forward, hold the device’s support bar.
  • With the left feather supported and slightly bent and the right leg attached to the handle of the apparatus, extend back as far as you can, lifting the weight to obtain the hip extension.
  • Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Training tip: 3 sets of 12 repetitions on each side. Perform both sides and rest 50 seconds to perform another set


  • The best-known name is the lunge, but there are other names and variations of the exercise for this one-sided squat.
  • We even have an article based on studies that shows the exercises with the most significant activation of the glutes, and who leads is the deep squat (35% activation) followed by 33% activation, the unilateral squat. See this article: Activating the gluteal muscles in different exercises (best results)
  • With one foot forward and the other behind, bend the knee of the back leg until it touches the floor.

Repeat The Movements With The Other Leg.

  • To complicate and intensify the exercise, support one leg on a bench/step and add load/weight using dumbbells or the bar.
  • Training tip: 3 series with 12 repetitions, alternating sides. One minute rest between sets.
  • How to get great results.
  • The rep tips for each workout are just a suggestion. And it does not eliminate the need to have the help of a physical education professional.
  • The number of sets, repetitions, and load will directly interfere with the training objective. Only with a complete periodization will you have excellent and continuous results.

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