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Biceps: 6 Exercises To Boost Your Workouts

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Biceps: Variation is a vital part of an efficient workout. It takes a range of new stimuli to keep your body evolving. One of the ways to accomplish this is to change the exercises. We already talked here at El Hombre about the best practices for the biceps. Today we will present six alternatives.

Direct Thread with EZ Bar

  • For better exercise execution and to work the biceps well, support your arms on a bench.
  • Position your forearms parallel to each other and stabilize your feet.
  • The grip has no secret; it has to be shoulder-width apart.
  • Descend very slowly to feel the biceps will activate.
  • On the way up, you can accelerate, but not too much, right?
  • If you want to work hard, do this exercise as a droplet.

Spider Curl -Biceps

One of my favourites is the spider curl, where we move with the chest supported and the elbow pointing down. It is an excellent exercise to isolate the biceps musculature and minimize the shoulder effect.Also search Hack Squat

Direct Thread With Elastic

One of the variations I use most for the barbell curl is the one with rubber bands. In addition to being portable, resistance increases as we get closer to the end of the movement, which doesn’t happen in the standard version of the exercise.

Thread On Trx -Biceps

Another fantastic move for the portability it provides is the thread on the TRX. In addition to the easy execution, it seeks to work with shoulder isometry, requiring the biceps muscles through the two insertions (shoulder and elbow flexions). Excellent for breaking plateaus (stagnation of muscle development) and working the core muscles.

Inclined Thread

The incline curl is a fantastic exercise to help develop the biceps, giving you a stretch and contraction stimulus without using too much weight. It will suggest using it as the series’s last exercise to provide a final touch.

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Thread In The High Cable -Biceps

The high cable curl (known as the double biceps curl) is an excellent exercise, as it works the same way as the TRX curl, with the dual action of the biceps, in addition to working with a constant load. But the highlight of this exercise is the effortless concentration on the movement since the position is facing the mirror.

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Supine Grip Fixed Bar

  • Uh, but a back exercise for the biceps?
  • Dude, when you do this exercise, you’ll understand why you should do it to build giant biceps.
  • Besides, training the back also works the biceps, but in a less specific way.
  • When doing the grip, align it with your shoulders, don’t forget that.
  • If you want, cross your legs to give you better stability when doing the exercise and not let your legs ‘loose’.

 Hammer Thread With Rope In Handle

This exercise is, without a doubt, the champion in my prescriptions. Activities performed on the cable, besides working with a constant load, facilitate intensity techniques and the movement’s performance with the correct posture. By applying these variations of exercises to your workouts, I guarantee that, in addition to making your routine less monotonous, you will see new gains. They bring a little more difficult to training without being limited to increasing load.

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