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Ladies Yoga Pants: How To Choose The Best One For You

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Ladies Yoga Pants: The practice of yoga involves asanas (postures), meditation and conscious breathing and provides a healthier, more balanced and self-aware life. But to make the most of this transformative activity, you should wear appropriate clothes that don’t get in the way of the moment. And ladies yoga pants deserve special attention when choosing.

Want to know what types of yoga pants are and how to choose the best one for you? That’s what we’ll explain right below, so keep reading.

Types Of Ladies Yoga Pants

You might think, grab your yoga mat, pick your best gym outfit, and go to practice. But not quite. After all, for an activity that has multiple movements and promotes relaxation and inner peace, your yoga outfit should be light and comfortable, even more so when it comes to yoga pants.

Whether practising yoga at home, outdoors or in a studio, can you imagine feeling the waistband tightening or the fabric holding your leg when moving?

Ladies Yoga pants – Legging

This model is made of a fabric with elastane and is snug all over the body. Its elasticity allows movement, but if it is compressing the skin too much, it will cause discomfort or even make blood circulation difficult. So be careful not to choose a size that is too tight for you.

Ladies Yoga pants

It’s a light, comfortable pants, whose most robust characteristics are the loose cut of the body, but with elastic at the ankles. As a result, the fabric does not slip down the legs or interfere with movement when performing an inverted asana. In addition, its gentle touch on the body does not cause discomfort during practice and facilitates relaxation.

Fisherman Pants

The Pescador Pants are slightly loose from the body, and their hem is, on average, at the ankles. It is crossed, like envelope pants, and will adjust through lashings, which makes it possible to leave it in the ideal size for you. It’s a comfortable outfit and is just right. Thus, it does not cause embarrassment by showing other parts of the body during the asanas. Enjoy and discover the novelty of Calça Thai: the Premium Pescador Pants

Overalls – Ladies, Yoga pants

This option isn’t exactly a pair of pants, but we’ve included it in the list because it can replace this piece perfectly. In addition, you can choose a loose model with elastic at the ankle, such as the Classic Pants or the Lotus Pants, which are 2 in 1 model, and can use as pants or overalls. So you have versatility when dressing and freedom of movement.

How To Choose The Perfect Ladies Yoga Pants

That is, you can relax without being afraid to move, show too much, or feel discomfort. It also shouldn’t be made of a fabric that warms up (unless you’re in a cold place) or prevents perspiration. Also, avoid pieces that compress a lot, both in the elastic and fabric, because they can trap your blood circulation and be uncomfortable.


Therefore, give preference to pieces with breathable, light, fluid fabrics and a comfortable cut. Ideally, yoga pants should be an adjunct, and you even forget you are wearing them.

Do you know the history of this yoga clothing brand? Does she stand for the same values ​​and causes as you?

Although it is information that goes unnoticed by many people, for some, it can be relevant and even crucial in deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Increasingly, social and environmental awareness grows, and it is common for more conscious consumers to have this concern.

It is worth remembering that Calça Thai only produces vegan and sustainable clothes, in addition to practising fair trade, remunerating and valuing Thai artisans as they deserve.

Checklist For Buying Your Ladies Yoga Pants

To make your choice more accessible, we’ve listed some of the most essential features in a yoga outfit that can benefit you when you practice. See if the part:

  • It’s comfortable
  • facilitates movement
  • it will make of breathable fabric
  • it is not transparent
  • it does not show more than it should
  • expresses your personality


Now that you know what to reflect when shopping, choose the most suitable yoga pants for you and enjoy this unique practice, taking advantage of all its benefits

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