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Pallet Rack: How To Make + 6 Models To Get Inspired

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Pallet Rack: Do you want to renovate your living room but are out of ideas and without much money to spend? Then, a practical and sustainable solution is to make a pallet rack yourself.

Like the idea? Check out some tips and step-by-step instructions to create your pallet rack how you want it.

The Wooden Pallet And Its Uses

The pallet is an efficient example that any material can reuse. However, used to transport large goods and even fruits and vegetables from the grocery store next to your house, they are often thrown away.

However, there is excellent potential to decorate your home there. It has even will point out as a decoration trend.

With it, you can create a new piece of furniture, such as a sofa, shelves, shelves, rack and whatever else your creativity allows.

The best thing is that it is much cheaper than buying furniture in a store and still contributes to the environment. Not to mention that having a home decor item is a reason to be even more proud of your corner.

Rack Made Of Pallet: Understand Your Needs

When building your perfect pallet rack, you must first understand your furniture needs.

From the view of its usefulness, what do you want to put in? Will they be books? Decor items? Need one shelf more enormous than the other? Want to have a closed part of keeping things away from the visitor’s eyes?

And what about mobility? Will you need to take your rack out of place multiple times? Whether for cleaning or because you like to change the decor from time to time?

And what best suits your room? Should it be more rustic? Will you treat the wood to finish it the colour you want?

These are relevant questions when making your pallet rack. Then, based on your preferences, you will choose the ideal model and only get your hands dirty.

Pallet Rack How To Do?

If you already know how valuable your pallet rack should be, here are six models that show how to do it. Follow the step-by-step and make your home even more beautiful.

Single Pallet Rack

Here’s what you’ll need to make your pallet rack:

  • From two to four pallets, depending on how big you want your frame to be;
  • Fine sandpaper, no. 220
  • Fine sandpaper, no. 80
  • Hacksaw
  • Brush tool
  • Varnish
  • nails
  • Hammers
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See How To Do It:

  • Saw your pallets in half, then placed one on top of the other.
  • Using coarse sandpaper, sand all the wood until it is even, removing surface imperfections.
  • When it’s the way you want it, use fine sandpaper to give the finish.
  • Use a paper towel or clean cloth to remove excess dust from the wood.

With The Brush, Apply Varnish To The Wood.

One the pallet boards so it is the size you want. Both in height (putting one on top of the other and securing) and in length, attaching with the nails next to each other. Use as many pins as you deem necessary for your furniture to stand firm.

Pallet Rack With Drawers

Although it is a little more complicated, placing drawers in your pallet rack is also possible. Consider the simple rack step by step and add this step:

For your pallet rack to have drawers, you must have the exact measurements of the partition where it will install.

Cut the pallet you will use for the drawer according to this size, considering it must have the top uncovered. If you had to saw off some of the sides to reduce the size, use nails to rejoin the woods.

Cut a slat from the wood to support the drawer and place it on the rack in the partition chosen to have the drawer.

If you want handles and drawer slides with wheels, it is necessary to buy the props at a construction house and install it in your drawer.

Rack With Dividers

The pallets have several wooden slats in the entire piece. It allows you to saw to different sizes and dividers. This model is practical for those who want to organize other things on the rack and is not difficult to apply.

  • Plan how many dividers you want in your pallet rack. Let’s assume it’s a divider and a shelf, for example.
  • When separating the pallet pieces, cut the side to form a division. Then, as the details are the same, they will create the partition you want when you join them together.
  • If necessary, you can disassemble an entire pallet and cut the slats to the size you want, using a nail to place the slats and create the divider.
  • In the case of shelves, use overlapping pallets.
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Suspended Rack

A suspended rack is a model that does not touch the floor, being attached directly to the wall. To have one of these types in your home, you can make one of the above models according to your preference and install it. You can use braces connecting the furniture to the wall or internal support screws for installation.

Pallet Rack With Wheels

You will need to put wheels on your pallet to have easy mobility. That way, you won’t have to drag the furniture when moving it, making it easier to spoil over time.

You will need to buy a set of wheels—something you would find in any construction home.

The number of wheels depends on the size of your rack. If he’s small, four is enough. Suppose it is a bit longer; you will need three pairs. Correctly identify the need from the size.

The casters already have support to be attached; attach them to the pallet rack you assembled using screws and a screwdriver.

Panel And Pallet Rack

Now you know how to make a pallet rack, right? But what if you want a TV panel that perfectly matches the frame you made? For this, it is also enough to make a pallet panel. In this case, it’s straightforward:

With a piece of the pallet of the same model as the one you made your rack, remove the top part, known as the pallet. You will probably need two pieces to accommodate the TV and leave a size proportional to the rack size.

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