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Micellar Water: Learn all about your skin’s best Friend

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Micellar water can’t miss in your skincare routine! But why is she even? And, how should it use correctly? Does micellar water go before or after washing your face with liquid soap?

In this post, you will see the answers to each question. You’ll also understand the difference between micellar water and other skin care products.

Micellar Water: What is it for?

Anyone who sees that solution on the packaging may even think there’s nothing wrong with that “water”. But those who see packaging don’t see composition, love. So today, we are talking about an essential skincare product, especially for those who suffer from oily skin.

5 Functions Of Micellar Water

  • Clean;
  • Makeup remover;
  • Purify;
  • smoothes;
  • And balance.

Therefore, every time you use micellar water, you cleanse your skin, remove makeup, purify your skin from product residues and pollution, and balance pH and oiliness.

To do all this, the cleaning solution has micelles, which are nothing more than microparticles that penetrate the skin’s surface.

The micelles reach the impurities that usually accumulate, cleaning light and balance.

There are also different options, such as moisturizing micellar water and oil control. The first usually has hyaluronic acid, and the second can contain actives such as zinc.

How To Use Micellar Water?

To apply, use a cotton pad moistened with a little of the product and spread with gentle movements all over the face. After finishing the application, observe the cotton: How much residue is left there?

It is a good indicator of how many impurities there were in your skin, as well as showing the efficiency of the product.

As you may have already seen, micellar water is a product we put on the list of essential items for perfect skincare. We showed an everyday use for micellar water: toning for the skin.

How To Use Micellar Water As A Toner

It is essential for your morning routine, as it tones and ensures that the skin is clean before it receives sunscreen.

It is a light product, so it does not have to rinse. So, to use your morning routine, wash your face with your favourite liquid soap, apply the micellar water and, finally, a protector.

As A Makeup Remover

Another possible use, especially for sensitive skin, is micellar water as a makeup remover. Again, this use is efficient, especially if you don’t wear waterproof makeup. In this case, use the product in your night routine, passing it on the face to remove all the makeup before applying the liquid soap. Then apply the facial moisturizer of your choice.

As A Substitute For Liquid Soap

Are you in a hurry or can’t wash your face when you wake up? Use micellar water to cleanse your skin. It’s fast and helps to get rid of accumulated dirt. This way, your skin is prepared to receive the protector and makeup.

Micellar Water And Biphasic Makeup Remover

Micellar water does not have a rinse, so it can be used both before and after washing, as we explained earlier in this post. The makeup remover is a solution that can contain oily actives and will use exclusively to remove makeup. It usually needs rinsing as it leaves residue on the skin.

Micellar Water And Facial Tonic

As we have already mentioned, water can will use as a tonic, but it only has a complementary cleaning function. The facial mixture may contain other parts, such as hydrating, astringent or cell renewal agents.

Micellar Water And Thermal Water

Micellar water balances the skin and purifies, removing residues with its micelles. Thermal water, as it contains minerals, provides refreshment and calms sensitive and irritated skin.

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Micellar Water: Which Is Best?

Smiling, the cute woman takes off makeup with a cotton pad

The best micellar water depends on each person, as each skin has unique needs. A brand may be perfect for your skin, but it can be terrible for your best friend’s skin. Again, it is because they are different people and need specific care.

To find the best micellar water for you, you need to experiment. And to do this test, it is good to follow some quality criteria

Burning In The Eyes

First, check if the product causes burning in the eyes or the surrounding area. Remember that, when applying, you don’t need to exaggerate the amount because the ideal is that it is just enough to clean the skin and not soak it.

Mild Fragrance

Pay attention to the fragrance. If it’s smooth and pleasant, great. After all, the smell can be good, but it will accompany you daily, so it must be a fragrance that does not get sick with time. And, if you have problems with migraine, rhinitis or sinusitis, the ideal is to use almost odorless products.

Comfortable Feeling

How does the product feel on your skin? The idea is that you think your face is comfortable and smooth. However, some unpleasant sensations are dryness or tightness of the skin, oiliness or oily skin. Remember that this product should not leave residue after use because it is rinse-free.

Makeup Remover Power

How much residue comes out of the cotton when you apply the product? Again, this is an excellent thermometer to indicate whether micellar is an effective makeup remover. Now, it’s nice to look at this only if you’re going to use the product for that. In other words, for those who want to use it as a tonic and finishing cleanser, you don’t need it to remove the makeup well.

Skin Reactions

How the skin behaved after use: Did it give a pimple? Is it more oily or dry? It is essential to test because sometimes we have a skin problem and don’t know that the new product was the cause.

Another important tip is: to add one new product at a time to your routine. Then, write down when you started using it and see how your skin reacts to continued use. Again, it can be beneficial for you to understand what works for your skin.

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