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Autumn Skin Care: What Products To Use And Tips

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Common Diseases And Conditions In Autumn

Autumn Skin Care: Low sunlight and reduced air humidity, characteristics of autumn, also affect the skin, which tends to become dry and vulnerable to the appearance of problems. Some common conditions and illnesses in the season are:


Allergic reactions are common due to the intense dryness of the skin, caused primarily by hot and long baths that cause itching, redness, irritation, scaling or even blisters and cracks.

Another problem that affects the skin is perniosis, popularly called cold allergy. Among the symptoms of this type of hives are swelling, pain in the body’s extremities, and itching.

The primary guideline is to look for a dermatologist to treat these and other skin problems. However, some precautions can prevent these conditions, such as avoiding long and hot baths and moisturizing the skin daily.


Pityriasis rosea (reddish patches and scales), atopic dermatitis (lesions and itching), seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) and rosacea (inflammation and redness) are some of the most common skin conditions in autumn.

It is important to point out that these are not diseases caused by climate change but can aggravate this season, especially by excessive skin drying.

These and other diseases must be diagnosed by a dermatologist so that the patient receives the appropriate treatment. However, the worsening of all illnesses is also related to factors such as diet, stress and low temperatures.

Therefore, avoiding scalding baths and using specific moisturizers for dry skin are among the recommended care.

Dry skin

In autumn, as in winter, we have the habit of staying in the shower for a long time with hot water. Unfortunately, this habit leaves the skin dry and prone to allergies and the aggravation of symptoms when pre-existing skin diseases occur.

That’s because hot and long baths reduce the body’s natural oil, leaving the skin drier and more vulnerable. So once again, reinforce skin hydration with oils or creams after showers. Similarly, I prefer fragrance-free products.

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Dry Lips

By presenting a thinner layer of skin compared to the rest of the face, the lips are also dry and cracked. Therefore, lip hydration should not only be remembered but also reinforced.

External factors such as cigarette and alcohol consumption, poor diet, stress and sleepless nights negatively influence skin health.

Itching, dryness and opacity are the most common symptoms of skin dehydration.

What Is Skin Care In Autumn?

As we saw above, daily care habits favour the appearance and texture of the skin and protect it from possible skin problems. But, what else can we do to reinforce that zeal with the skin in the fall? Check it out below:

Do not rub the soap on the body during the bath and avoid using loofahs, as exfoliating the skin too much removes the natural protective layer;

When drying off after showering, don’t rub the towel against your body either;

Avoid direct skin contact with clothing made from synthetic fabrics or wool. The idea is to use a cotton fabric underneath;

Drink A Lot Of Water;

Focus on hydration! Use body and facial moisturizers specific to your skin type;

Use Moisturizers, Exfoliants And Lip Balms;

Include vitamin C in your routine! The antioxidant stimulates the production of collagen, recovering the luminosity and firmness of the skin;

Don’t forget the sunscreen, because even on cloudy days, the sun emits UV rays;

Consume seasonal fruits with high water content, as this complements hydration.

Hydration is one of the indispensable habits not only in autumn but at other times of the year. And also search Maskara

4 Autumn Skin Care Products

Now that you have all the information and know what autumn skin care is, it’s time for tips! Check out some of the crops we have selected for you:

Profuse Hydradeep Lip Moisturizer Spf 30

Profuse Hidradeep SPF 30 Lip Moisturizer keeps lips hydrated for longer, creating a protective layer over the region.

The product does not leave the lips whitish, which makes it great for dark and inky skin and a super yummy citrus scent.

Isdin Fusion Facial Sunscreen

Isdin Fusion Facial Sunscreen keeps the skin dry and protects against ultraviolet radiation’s harmful effects. It is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin and works great as a pre-make primer—worth the investment.

Profuse Hydradeep Intensive Moisturizer

Profuse Hidradeep Intensive Moisturizer is free of parabens, fragrances, dyes and preservatives, perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

Epidural Mat Facial Moisturizer Without Color SPF 30

In addition to moisturizing, the Colorless Epidrat Mat Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 protects your skin from the sun’s rays. It’s a 2-in-1 product that’s perfect for carrying in your purse and any time of year.

Taking care of the skin, regardless of the time of year, is extremely important for aesthetic reasons and health! Therefore, maintain a care routine and consult your doctor in case of adverse symptoms.

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