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3 Types Of Graduation: Know Them All

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Graduation: Do you know what the main types of graduation are? Many people dream of starting their journey in higher education. In this context, it is necessary to understand different issues related to this subject so that it is possible to make a bold choice, of course.

We know that there are several universities and courses in higher education. It is an educational segment that is expanding in Brazil. Understanding the methods available will help you select the system that meets your needs and make you more qualified to enter the job market.

Considering this topic’s importance, we will address what types of graduation exist in this content. Then, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology to help you make a good decision when choosing a course. Keep up with us.

What Are The Types Of Graduation?

There are different graduation types; each one meets a specific need. In this context, knowledge about each higher education program will help you choose the course that best meets your needs and profile.

Faced with a wide range of higher education courses, it is not always easy to choose the ideal degree. Among the main types are bachelor’s, licentiates and technologists. We will discuss the main characteristics of each one in the sequence of content.

Bachelor Degree

These are traditional higher education courses. Bachelor’s programs provide the training necessary for people to practice professions (which may or may not be regulated by law).

When choosing a bachelor’s degree, students will have theoretical and practical disciplines focused on each segment of activity (Law, Accounting, Engineering, etc.).

Most often, courses last between four and five years. However, in the field of Medicine, a bachelor’s degree takes six years. Therefore, the student will have a bachelor’s degree upon completing the study.

It is worth noting that after completing the degree, the person can teach university classes and work with practical activities related to each segment.


A licentiate is a type of graduation directed to the exercise of the degree from kindergarten to high school). In this context, students will have classes focused on an area of ​​knowledge such as Mathematics, Physics, etc.

Licentiate-type graduation will complet in four years. At the end of their studies, graduates will have a degree in a specific field.

It is also worth noting that the classes have a pedagogical nature and prepare the student to teach in elementary and high school. However, to teach classes in kindergarten, it is necessary to take a Pedagogy course.


Specialized courses are graduations that have a shorter duration compared to traditional ones. Most of the time, technical courses last between two and three years.

It is also worth noting that students will have more practical than theoretical classes in this modality of graduation.

This issue happens because technologists aim to prepare students to enter the job market in their chosen careers. It helps the person get into the market faster.

At the end of the course, the technologist title is in a particular segment. You can be, for example, a technician in Accounting, Gastronomy, and Administration, among other possibilities.

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How To Choose The Best Course?

Faced with various higher education courses, choosing the best method is difficult. You must consider several issues to select the degree that meets your goals.

Among some factors that we must pay attention to are the possibilities of action, the objective of the training, the modality in which the courses will offer ( EAD, face-to-face, among others) etc. In this context, it is essential to have self-knowledge and think about what makes sense for your career.

The Licentiate courses are more suitable for those who want to teach or work in the academic environment.

The Baccalaureate, in turn, provides general education and allows you to work in different roles.

The technologist will help you to train yourself to work in a specific segment professionally.

Regardless of your choice, it is essential to look for a serious institution of higher education with good evaluation by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

In addition, the college must have a team of specialized professors focused on student success, preparing students to meet market demands, which contributes to optimizing the employability of the professional.

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As you can see, there are several types of graduation, and each category meets a specific need. For this reason, we seek to present the main types of courses in higher education to help you decide on the kind of college to choose.

It is a suitable choice because being assertive makes it possible to select the course that meets your needs and helps you grow your career and become a differentiated professional in the market.

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